Councilors pledge to prioritise development


Limpho Sello

MAFETENG community councilors who were elected in the 30 September, 2017 local government elections have promised to set aside political differences and work together to foster the social and economic development of their communities.

Speaking to the Lesotho Times in the aftermath of their recent swearing-in, Mammusetsa Sekeche, who was elected on a Democratic Congress (DC) ticket in the Motsekuoa electoral division, said they were elected to fulfil the development aspirations of their communities.

She said it was therefore imperative that they did not divert their attention to unnecessary things like bickering over political affiliation.

“Our electoral division and the entire Maliepetsana constituency have been deprived of resources for so long that we cannot focus on politics and forget that we are suffering because of lack of development,” Ms Sekeche said.

“We have a challenge of poor roads, lack of electricity and good sanitation which need to be addressed. It is by working together that development can achieved in the constituency.

“From what I saw during the swearing-in I am confident that we will work in unison with my colleagues although we are not in the same political parties.”

Ms Sekeche said it was sad that enterprising youths in the constituency started projects which failed to grow due to lack of support.

“We want to ensure that their (youths) projects are implemented and the constituency’ legislator Ntate Molefe (Mpalipali) pushes for things to happen in parliament,” Ms Sekeche added.

Matebalo Mpeoa who was elected on an All Basotho Convention (ABC) ticket in the Lehlakaneng electoral division, echoed Ms Sekeche’s sentiments, adding they had collaborate for the betterment of their area.

Ms Mpeoa said the constituency was blessed with hard working farmers who only needed to be assisted with fertilisers and seeds on time.

“There was a delay in the receipt of seeds and fertilisers but that is yesterday’s news because Ntate Molefe now ensures that we get those on time.

“I want to see unity and everyone going all out to ensure that things are done on time and with love so that we can achieve. We have to move away from discriminating other people because of their political affiliation. That is way out of fashion.

“We need to see change in this area and there is one way to achieve it is through solidarity,” Ms Mpeoa said.

For his part Maliepetsana legislator, Molefe Mpalipali, of the ABC, said he hoped the councilors would work for their communities and not disappoint the electorate who voted for them.

“I’m very passionate about this constituency’s social and economic freedom.  After winning the constituency, I don’t have to rest but work for development and all the councilors must serve the community even when under pressure because they were trusted to do so by the people. They don’t have to disappoint them.

“Most people talk but fail to implement but I want to be those actors. I know the councilors will also do the same and focus on action more than talking too much which does not benefit the voters,” Mr Molefe said.

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