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Council celebrates Silver Jubilee

by Lesotho Times
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By Limpho Sello

MASERU — Maseru City Council (MCC) Town Clerk, Ms Mantai Phaila, says there is “a lot to celebrate” as the municipality marks its 25th anniversary this year.

However, Ms Phaila told a press conference held in Maseru yesterday the council has also met with a number of challenges since its establishment a quarter of a century ago.
“The MCC has worked very hard to give Maseru the shape it has today. This is despite the fact that there are some individuals who do not value the hard work we do as they continue to vandalise the
developments we would have put in place,” said Ms Phaila.
She added that among the most vandalised of the MCC property are streetlights.

“The streetlights in town and the villages are destroyed to make jewellery, and this drives the council backwards as we always have to fix such infrastructure, instead of embarking on new developments.”
The other challenge the MCC faces, according to Ms Phaila, is illegal land-allocation.
“The illegal allocation of land is also a challenge because this leads to problems when we decide to undertake developments such as road-construction and putting electricity in various locations.”
Ms Phaila also outlined the successes the MCC has achieved since its establishment in 1989.
“When the MCC was first established in 1989, it only had one street, Kingsway. However, today the city has various streets and big shops, as well as banks, which have
all happened under the supervision of the MCC.
“We continue to construct roads and put streetlights to develop our city and villages, while we are also ensuring the city remains clean. We have a Community Day on our calendar, where every month, we visit villages
to clean the environment, on a particular day.”
Ms Phaila further said as part of the MCC Silver Jubilee, Maseru communities have been invited to a Consultative Forum scheduled for May 13-14 at Lehakoe Centre.

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