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Comedy finally launched after court battle

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — The comedy Lilaphalapha II was launched at Ster-Kinekor at Pioneer Shopping Mall last Friday.

The launch was however delayed by two hours following a bitter High Court battle earlier in the day over the ownership of the film.

The film’s script writer, Bufihla ‘Neko, told the audience that they received summons from the High Court ordering them not to host the launch because there were individuals from South Africa who were alleging that they had stolen the movie from them.

‘Neko said they only managed to proceed with the event after the High Court threw out the appeal.

“It was the first part of the film which was leaked and now some people are claiming the film is their idea,” ‘Neko said.

“We are happy that the case is now over and we are able to go on with the launch. It is unfortunate that as we are working hard to make a difference in our lives, other people are busy trying to ruin things.”

The script writer said producing the Lilaphalapha series had been a challenge but “through hard work, as young ambitious Basotho, we have managed to pull a successful stunt”.

Lilaphalapha I was released in 2009.

“The journey has been hectic but with the support we are getting from the public we are managing to keep our heads above the water,” ‘Neko said.

The night started on a high note with rookie comedian, Tšolo, cracking jokes that left the audience in stitches.

Veteran comedian, Curaman, was the master of ceremonies at the occasion.

Before the film was screened, the Lilaphalapha cast went on stage to give viewers a feel of the final version.

During intervals local musicians including Stlofa, Lesoetsa and Mthibo rocked the venue with their dance-along tunes.

After the screening of the sequel, fans were eager to buy copies of the film.

“For a local show, this was very well attended beyond my expectations,” ‘Neko said.

“Before the launch we ran a trailer at Pioneer Mall and people were already calling wanting to buy copies.

“The demand exceeded my expectations, it is very overwhelming to see Basotho being so supportive,” he added.

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