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Colour festival illuminates Maseru

by Lesotho Times


colour-festMohalenyane Phakela

THE Lesotho Colour Festival could soon become a highly sought-after event on the country’s entertainment calendar if the pomp and fanfare of the inaugural event of the past weekend is anything to go by.

The first edition, held at Maseru Club ground got off to flying start with electrifying performances from local, South African, Botswana, American as well as British acts.

The use of the 5K colours certainly added to the glamour and vibrancy of the occasion.

The 5k colours were sprayed across the venue every two hours to create a bright atmosphere among revelers who were more than happy to be covered in the harmless and easily washable food colouring powders.

The event kicked off in the afternoon with a loud and clear sound system that could be heard from a long way off. There was also a pleasant deviation from the norm which was achieved through interchanging the performances by local and foreign acts, rather than the standard where the former generally perform first.

And the artistes also bucked the trend of leaving soon after performing, choosing to stay on and enjoy the rest of the show with revelers and fellow artistes.

Some of the acts that set the stage on fire included American singer and House DJ Harrison Crump, British producer and DJ Charles Webster.

Local acts included L-Tore, Stlofa, Lele Khesue, Kot Inferno, Jiji F, AfroDj, Zagro DJs, Hally, Thizozo, Trojan, Marvel, Vesta, Pablo, Tybzen, Dallas T, Razordasoul and KTA Kings alongside Botswana’s Ban T, DJ Khenzo, Nuno Purtez and Mr Massie as well as South Africa’s Duncan and DJ Finzo.

The festival is the brainchild of regional entertainment company, Colours of Sound, which operates in Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland.

It hosts annual festivals in these countries at different times of the year and Basotho acts are expected to feature at the Botswana edition next month.

The much anticipated Harrison Crump’s performance started during the early hours of Sunday morning at 5am when many people were starting to think he had bailed out of performing.

His delivery of club bangers such as No No No, Just Stomp Your Feet, No more Lies and his classic banger Once Again which came by unanimous appeal from the crowd, made it worthwhile for revelers who had patiently waited for him.

The crowd appeared sad when it was time to go, reluctantly trooping out of the venue at 6am after the final performance from Crump.

Crump expressed his joy at the reception he received, adding he would seize the opportunity to return to the country for more performances in future.

“As an artist you get very worried when performing for a totally new crowd. You wonder if you will be able to engage them,” he said, adding, “Basotho are very welcoming as they screamed from the moment I stepped on stage and sang along to every song. I look forward to coming back,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Charles Webster who said this was one of the “best shows I have been to and the people also know how to party”.

The colours also added an exciting flavour and a spectacular view which compelled me to stay on and party till the end,” he said.


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