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This is just crap and I mean it!

by Lesotho Times

Will anyone raise a finger if Scrutator says despite all our pompous talk about sovereignty, we are a bona fide a province of South Africa masquerading as a country?

Scrutator used to regard this as malicious claptrap coming from unpatriotic zealots until it was confirmed last week that we have had to import a South African judge to sort out the MKM mess.

It’s embarrassing that no man or woman could be found to deal with a mess created by Simon Thebe-ea-Khale, that MKM boss who seems to have run away from school before he could learn that there was no way that one plus one could make 11.

Scrutator is still wondering what we can do for ourselves as a country if we can’t deal with MKM, a simple case of an ignoramus who convinced himself that he could work magic to make a loti out 5 lisente.

Why do we need a foreign judge to confirm that MKM was a thieving exercise based on lies, lies and more lies?

Why do we need a foreign judge to confirm that an insolvent company has to be liquidated pronto before the thief spirits the money away? 

Even a freshman from any law school, including that lousy one in Roma, could have dealt with the case.

I dare say it: we are a province of South Africa.

We import prosecutors yet our country is teeming with law graduates (never mind that some of them are of dubious quality).

Scrutator refuses to believe that since 1966 this country has not produced a prosecutor competent enough to be hired by the government.

It’s a wretched lie that this country does not have men and women of integrity and competence to be Court of Appeal judges.

Yes, we are a province of South Africa for without it we wouldn’t be having banks and insurance firms.

Yes, without them we wouldn’t be having cabbages for our coleslaw.

Every time you have eggs remember to thank those Afrikaner farmers across the border because they are the ones who make it possible for you to choose whether you want them “well done or scrambled”.

Don’t forget to thank the Almighty for creating the Afrikaner farmer who makes the maize-meal that makes the papa you will be having for dinner tonight.

Include them in your prayers the next time you go to church for one of them is just about to bring an end to the MKM chaos.

Yeh, I said it, I said it!

Where else apart from Lesotho do you find an architect of a Ponzi scheme as big as MKM walking the streets a free man?

Thebe-ea-Khale is a man who knows where he hid or how he spent half a billion maloti belonging to hundreds of thousands of poor people but he is allowed to walk about like he is a saint of some sort.

If this is not treasonous, then what is?

What evil crime does a man have to commit against a nation before they are made to rot in jail?

Its boggles the mind how some amongst us, including those we sent to school with our NMDS money, could suggest that the government should bail out MKM.

Since when has it become the business of this hopelessly broke government of ours to squander the taxpaper’s money by bailing out pyramid schemes?

Scrutator has no doubt that such reckless suggestions are coming from some indolent nincompoops who have never worked in their lives and therefore do not appreciate the excruciating pain of having to give more than a third of your salary to the government.

Such zealots’ conveniently forget that Thebe-ea-Khale, the man who received the people’s money is not only here but is probably going through the last of the fruits he got from his nefarious deeds. 

Scrutator hopes when the case resumes on November 22, under an imported judge of course, Thebe-ea-Khale’s jamboree will be over.

His fête has to be stopped before he munches the last loti he got from the poor, the gullible and the greedy. 

This discredited tosh about a state bail-out must come to an end this month.

Read my lips: There will be no bailout for that illegal investment scheme.


Do I hear some people cursing under their breath?

Well, you better save your vitriol and insults for the man who convinced you that money grows on trees and hard work never pays.

He is the man who perforated your pockets with his devious scheme.

That disease has struck again.

This time it’s the traditional doctors who have formed a new political party.

The party which has a pretty heavy name, called Lekhotla La Basotho la Mekhoa le Meetlo, becomes the 22nd political party to be registered in the country.

Malefetsane Liau, who leads the party, said they want to challenge the “despicable attitude towards traditional circumcision, which is now done in hospitals with government fully supporting the initiative”.

He said he was not happy with the churches which are denouncing Basotho beliefs as “demonic”.

He wants a return to Basotho culture and traditions.

The party says it will field candidates in all the constituencies in the next elections in 2012.

Now the ruling party, with all its current infighting, should be very afraid.

Imagine the chaos and pandemonium that would happen if these ngakas suddenly cast a spell on their political rivals during election time.

Imagine the chaos when they hypnotise the whole nation forcing every voter to cast votes in their favour.

There would be gnashing of teeth across the political divide.

But of course I have my own doubts on the assumed powers of these ngakas.

Most of them are too poor to make an impression on me and appear out to swindle people of their hard-earned money.

I will need to be convinced that their magic works.

They need to explain to me why most of them are as poor as a church mice if their charms are as potent as they say.

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