Choral body steps up festival preps



Mohalenyane Phakela

The Choral Music Federation of Lesotho (CMFL) will host a workshop on 19 August for all the choirs that will participate at this year’s edition of the Standard Lesotho Bank African Melody Festival (SLB-AMF) at the State Library in Maseru.

CMFL treasurer, Mathe Malefetsane, said the workshop is held every year ahead of the SLB-AMF in November to train choirs on the requirements and the song prescription.

“Most local choirs are still in their infancy and therefore fail to meet the standard requirements of the competition resulting in poor performances against choirs that have been in the competition before,” Malefetsane said.

“We host this workshop every year in order to teach and familiarise them with the competition rules and we always invite two representatives from each choir, mostly the conductors, so that they can be able to pass on what they are taught to the rest of their choirs.

“We also table the judging criteria so that each choir knows what it is expected from their performance.

“Before every workshop, we release the song prescriptions for each of the three categories (Large, Standard and Interdenominational) so that the choirs can familiarise themselves with the songs to allow us to discuss them at the workshop. This is done so that they will be to table the problems they encounter with the prescription in order to help them or change the songs if necessary.”

The competition was launched in 2003 by the Choral Music Federation of Lesotho (CMFL) to uplift choral music in the country. In 2014 the contest opened its doors to South African choirs as a gesture of reciprocation since Basotho also compete in South African competitions.

Malefetsane said this edition would be graced by more foreign choirs and the prescription would be different from that of the previous editions.

“Apart from those from South Africa, we are also expecting choirs from Botswana and Swaziland.

“Our prescription is always two types of songs for each category, that is, the Western and Vernacular. Our Western prescription has always been English songs but we have decided to make the competition tougher this year with Italian and German songs. This may be a challenge to the choirs hence the need to be part of this workshop to enable us to discuss them.”

The closing date for choirs to register for the November competition is 31 August 2017.

The SLB-AMF 2017 prescription is as follows:



  1. Gloria _ A. Vivaldi
  2. Gloria _ from Coronation Mass in C-Major _ W.A Mozart


  1. Mantilatilane by Dr Lepheane
  2. Ntetekoane by Dr Lepheane

Standard Section


  1. Whilhem Tell Finale by Rossini
  2. Hebrew Slaves Chorus by G.Vetdi


  1. Alina by MM Moerane
  2. Sylvia by MM Moerane

Large Section


  1. Gottheit, uber aloe Machtig by W. A Mozart
  2. Scion weichet sir,Sonne by W. A Mozart




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