‘Chinese song competition strengthens relations’


Limpho Sello

THE director of the Machabeng College International School of Lesotho’s Confucius Classroom, Nie Yali, says the second edition of the Voice of Friendship Chinese Song Competition has grown to become a platform for cultural exchange and strengthening friendship between Chinese and Basotho.

The competition was held at Machabeng College in Maseru last weekend.

Ms Nei said their goal is to ensure that their students and Basotho at large to appreciate the beautiful melodies of Chinese songs while at the same time working to stimulate their enthusiasm in learning the music to improve their language.

Ms Nei said the competition is aimed at deepening the Chinese culture because as it also imparts several lessons into the participants while new friendships that are also fostered between the two nationalities.

“We hope to sing and meet new friends, promote learning, enhance understanding and friendship between Basotho and the Chinese,” Nei said.

“We hope for more competitions that are even bigger than the one that we held today as we aim to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and cultures.”

At the competition, 12 participants were handed certificates and prizes that also included cash. The winners were in four categories with the fourth category pocketing M300 each, third category winners (M500), second category (M1500) and M2000 for the overall winner.

Nei said they received M7000 for prizes from Chinese owned restaurants in Maseru.

For his part, the Confucius Classroom co-director, Pontso Thatho, expressed appreciation for the support they received for the second edition of the event.

“I wish all the participants had invited their friends and parents to come and support their talent since I have seen it in abundance here today.

“I wish you could embrace this competition and understand that is not about winning but it is about making friends,” Thatho said.

He encouraged the participants to immediately start practicing for the next edition of the competition.

The students sang Chinese songs that were selected from some famous Chinese artistes.

The overall winner, Leetoane Leetoane wowed the audience with her performance of the famous track I love you China and received a standing ovation from the audience.

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