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Chance for males to appreciate women

by Lesotho Times
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By Mohalenyane Phakela


MORIJA — Morija Museum and Archives (MMA) will on Saturday host a show titled Ka Thari to honour the positive role played by women in society.

The show, which is meant to provide a platform for males to appreciate the role of women, will be held at the museum’s amphitheatre.

“August has been set aside as Women’s Month and we found it fitting to organise a ceremony where males will treat their wives, girlfriends, daughters, nieces, aunts and sisters to a picnic accompanied by fun and games as a way of showing them appreciation,” Lineo Segoete, the museum’s event organiser, told the Weekender.

She said there will be live music sessions that will include gospel and famo.

There will also be poetry, testimonies and fun activities to cater for the whole family.

“MMA wishes to inspire the community in Morija to effect a change of attitude in the way women are treated. There must be a stop to the abuse women endure at the hands of their male counterparts,” Segoete said.

She said women play a crucial role in the lives of men and need to be shown that they are appreciated.

The ceremony is intended to create a platform for men to celebrate women in their lives, promote awareness by men to inspire others to be positive role models.

“We at MMA are trying to offer a different perspective towards women unlike the stereotypical “victim” by highlighting the significant role that women play in shaping men.

“Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman,” she said.

Activities will include rope climbing, bag racing, arts tent (drawing, painting and pottery), traditional games like liketo and khati.

The Morija Museum and Archives says its role is to preserve culture and heritage and promote community-based initiatives and promote a living culture.

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