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Celebrating leap from pan into fire

by Lesotho Times
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SO that’s why the young one was celebrating the departure of his erstwhile editor?
He wanted his poison to get to readers undiluted.
First, readers were greeted with the cursed word right on the front page: “LMPS shoots and a student looses life”.
What followed inside was not just loose editing but a classic case of how excitable ones lose it once they are let loose.
“Again farewell to great men like him should be executed with style so that where ever he is, he stays proud and may be even keep this copy in his archives as reference for his kids or even the coming generation,” rambled Theko Tlebere.
Only a cruel parent would let their children get hold of that copy!
Unless one wants to teach their children how not to write. 
In any case, Tlebere’s piece must be an embarrassment to the man the article is supposed to be extolling.
What mentor would be proud of such hogwash?
If Scrutator was the “chief” she would straight away file a very big defamation suit against the reporter for insinuating that that’s what he learnt from him.
Or I would rush to the few corners where the paper is sold, buy all of them and burn them before children lay their eyes on a copy.
“To end the rumour and speculation today, I have the liberty of officially announcing that Mr Refiloe Mohapi the former Chief Editor of the Voice has left the paper. At least the rumour is over now it is official. I think the thumps up signal shows just how sad you are,” the “elitist” journo wrote.
I wonder what would make one sad about a journalist leaving an organisation.
In fact, the “official announcement” seemed to betray the announcer’s unbridled happiness at the chief’s departure.
We are not interested in the politics there, if there is any.
But the reason why the “elitist” journo was on cloud nine is not hard to elicit from his yarn.
It seems he wanted to have his hogwash getting to the readers straight without being tampered with.
How else would one explain why the entire copy in the newspaper is in Sothonglish?
Scrutator, of course, is being generous this week by giving the “chief” the benefit of the doubt.
It’s not that she has noticed his absence because of the rotten copy the young one churned out last week.
Honestly, I wonder if the chief would have spotted how the “chief entrepreneurial” repeatedly said “forth” instead of “fourth”.
Or whether he would have picked out that the paper had already apportioned the blame for the death of the NUL students — not one according to the weekly — on the police before the autopsy was done.
“It is with great sorrow that some of the students were shot dead by the LMPS last week,” the paper, which came out on October 27, said.
The post-mortem results – for one student that everyone except the Voiceless knows died – came out on October 28.
I rest my case.

Talking about the NUL chaos, Scrutator is still beside herself because of the manner in which the powers-that-be have handled the mess.
Even Manpower, Lesotho’s most badly run institution, has been trying to clean itself of the NUL mess.
Who could have imagined that Manpower, an institute so allergic to efficiency and transparency, could cook up such pathetic explanations just to duck responsibility?
Then we have the education minister saying there is a “third force” behind the strikes.
She insinuated that the “third force” could be political.
True, there is a third force but it has nothing to do with politics.
The real third force is the Manpower Secretariat’s incompetence, indolence, recklessness, corruptness and ineptness.
Manpower is the real saboteur.
It was therefore with a great surprise when Manpower suddenly became super-efficient by organising a press conference a day after the strike.
It was a record by the way and I am sure the employees there must be proud that they at least managed to do something in 24 hours.
I must admit that I was quite shocked by this improvement until I realised that the real reason why they were scrambling so desperately to shift the blame was because a student had been killed.
Finally Manpower’s mediocrity has managed to cost an innocent student’s life.
I wonder how they are sleeping these days.

There is pandemonium in the political area.
Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili has started talking about age, something that really angers politicians.
I wasn’t there at his party’s junket but I am told that he said he was younger than most of the opposition leaders who are screaming that he must go.
I suspect this is true but what worries me is his maliciousness to remind those that have been breathing down his neck, wanting to take over, that they are finished.
Now, I don’t have a problem with old people who are ambitious.
 I just wish they could understand that there comes a time when the body just should not be strained any more.
And PM, those opposition people are not saying you are too old.
They are saying you have overstayed.

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