Car spinners’ battle for worthy cause



Mohalenyane Phakela

EXCEL Garage in Masianokeng will on Saturday host popular “Gusheshe” spin and drift motorsport.

The show will see local drifters Slip Diff Association and Moifo taking on General from Botswana while South Africa will be represented by Eddie Rasta, Gushline, Xhariep Spinners and Team Ficksburg. Meanwhile, DJ Boots is set entertain the crowd behind the decks.

The daredevil motorsport originated in South Africa’s townships in the early 1990s with the most popular cars from the 1991 BMW 3-series model range. The BMW 3-series cars have since been named Gusheshe for the sound their engines make when they are revved.

Although the motorsport was synonymous with car theft and township gangsterism during the 90’s, it has since gained mainstream appeal with people from all walks of life participating.

Organized by the Slip Diff Association, the event is also meant to raise funds for Leqele Primary in Maseru and St Leonard Primary Schools in Semonkong.

According to the Slip Diff Association spokesperson, Tšoeu Lekopa, their intension is to assist children that don’t usually get assistance from well-wishers.

“We realised that there are children who live with their families but eke out a tough existence because little assistance comes their way,” he said.

“We decided against donating to orphanages because most of them receive assistance from individuals and organisations unlike the vulnerable kids in the villages. So we decided to visit the two schools to identify needy children with the assistance of their teachers.”

Tšoeu said they were compelled to come to the needy children’s aid after seeing so many walking the streets wearing tattered clothes.

“It is so sad to see a child shivering on his or her way to school because of lack of warm clothes or wearing shoes that are exposed at the toes while we are driving in our warm cars,” he said.

“We did not decide to assist because we have more than enough, but it is good to share the little we have because it would mean the world to them.”

Tšoeu appealed to well-wishers to join them in helping the children.

“Individuals or corporates that want to join us in helping those kids are more than welcome. We don’t want monetary donations, but the assistance should be in kind. Well-wishers can bring groceries, clothes and shoes among other goodies for the kids,” he said.

“We intend to hold this event twice every year in winter and summer since those seasons pose different challenges.”

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