Car spin show set for March



Mohalenyane Phakela

SPIN and drift outfit, Auto SlipDiff Association will introduce the Toyota Cressida and Corolla Sprinter spinning stunts at their show slated for 4 March at Excel Garage in Masianokeng on the outskirts of Maseru.

Auto SlipDiff Association is a local group of adrenaline junkies who perform stunts with BMW 90s 3-series models but this time they will battle it out with the 90s Cressida and Corolla models.

South African teams, namely, Team Duduza (Cressida spinners), Team Taxi (Corolla Sprinter spinners), well as Gushline and Shanowaaz (BMW drifters) will grace the event.

“Toyota Cressida and Corolla Sprinter have slip differentials which facilitate stunt performances just like the matchboxes (BMW) we use and people are used to,” Auto SlipDipp’s spokesperson, Thabo Mokonenyane told the Weekender this week, adding, “So we will perform with these (Toyota) models to bring something new to the people who support us”.

Dubbed the Back to School Spin Session, Mokonenyane said the event was aimed at encouraging learners to focus on their education. Everyone is expected to rock their different school uniforms for a chance to win prizes.

Mokonenyane said despite being associated with criminals, spinning could actually be a career in addition to being a form of entertainment.

He said it was wrong that some youth believed that they should just simply drop out of school to take part in spinning but “however, just like in any sporting or entertainment career, education remains an important factor so we encourage the youth to get educated so that they will not get into this sport hoping to use the skills to commit any form of crime”.

“We have worked hard to show that we are not criminals,” he said.

Last year, Auto SlipDiff donated uniforms and other school instruments to the vulnerable children in different primary schools in different parts of the country as a way of promoting education.

Mokonenyane said that they aimed at promoting the sport, which required a sober mind, to the younger generation in order to get them away from drugs.

“But then, the beliefs and norms in our country still forbid certain things such as teaching a child to drive which can be regarded as a crime or the community may view it as spoiling the child.

“And yet children are fast learners and by the time they are older they will be experts,” Mokonenyane said, adding, “In past shows we hosted spinners from South Africa who were very young and we also introduced the youngest spinner from Lesotho in December 2016 who was 17”.

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