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. . . but Sekoai says allegations are false

by Lesotho Times
MASERU — The registrar of the High Court and the Court of Appeal ‘Mathato Sekoai says allegations made by her deputy are not true. She also denies intimidating workers. This week the Lesotho Times (LT) spoke to her about the allegations. Below are excerpts from the interview:
LT: Kolisang alleges that you promised to have him assassinated or jailed. Is this true?
Sekoai: That is madness. Why would I want him dead? How can I operate when my deputy is in prison?

LT: He also says you were victimising him for refusing to sign what he said were illegal transactions.

Sekoai: I don’t know what he is talking about. I never asked him to sign anything illegal.

LT: How about the allegations that you kicked him out of a meeting on June 23? Sekoai: I did not kick him out. I simply asked him not to attend the meeting. But it was not done in a humiliating or de­grading manner that he alleges.

LT: Why did you ask him not to attend the meeting?

Sekoai: Because there were some work-related issues that concerned him that I was not happy about.

LT: How about his allegations that you tried to run him over with your car?

Sekoai: I don’t know where he is getting that. I was not even driving that car. Af­ter he made those allegations my driver actually took exception to his allegations.

I merely opened the door and asked him who he had been working with on plans to organise accommodation for a foreign judge we had hired. He paused for a mo­ment after that question but he eventu­ally did not say anything so I drove off.

LT: Other High Court workers say they have not been allowed to attend courses.

Sekoai: It’s true that training has been stopped. It is government policy this year. There is no money for training. A memo was issued to every government depart­ment to say there will be no training. The memo said international trips were a no-go area. So this has nothing to do with me as the registrar.

LT: One assistant registrar told us that last month you called a meeting were you told workers that they must stop having private meetings or you would dismiss them. Is this true?

Sekoai: Those meetings had been go­ing on for some time and it had come to a situation where they were disrupting work. In those meetings they would dis­cuss some unfounded allegations against me. They were discussing ways of remov­ing me. They were spreading lies to a poor congregation.

LT: How about allegations that workers don’t have basics like stationery and re­cording equipment?

Sekoai: We used to have that problem. We were struggling to fund our running costs. Last week we got some interven­tion from finance and we might soon to be able to get some stationery. Our record­ing equipment is very old and there are efforts to get it replaced.

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