Businessman loses M100 000 in toilet

MASERU — A Thaba-Tseka businessman will forever rue his decision to answer the call of nature when he was robbed of M100 000 in a public toilet in Maseru last Friday.

According to the police, the businessman had gone into the toilet at Pitso Ground Bus Stop when a man pounced on him and snatched his bag containing the money.

Police spokesperson Masupha Masupha said the businessman told the police that a man sprayed his eyes with an unknown substance before grabbing his bag and bolting away.

“He said the unknown man sprayed something into his eyes that for a moment irritated his eyes and he could not see,” Masupha said.

Masupha said the police were still investigating the case.

He warned the public that it is not safe to move around with a lot of cash.

In a separate incident, the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) was robbed of six computers worth M126 000 last week.

The police said they received a report from one of the university’s employees after discovering that the computers were missing from the computer laboratory.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a case of theft after a receipt book and stamp disappeared from a funeral services company in Morija last week.

Police suspect someone broke in and took the two items.

“Some people use fake receipts to fraudulently claim benefits from insurance companies by faking their relatives’ deaths,” Masupha said.

He cited a recent case of someone who turned up at a local insurance company faking his own death and pretending to be a relative of the ‘deceased’.

“When he was supposed to go and collect the money he decided to send other people. However he did not succeed as police were waiting for him following a tip off,” Masupha added.

He said the police were already on alert in case someone attempts to use the documents stolen from the Morija funeral services company to defraud insurance companies.

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