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Business can help solve our political problems

by Lesotho Times
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I WRITE in response to an article which appeared in last week’s issue of the Lesotho Times headlined, Taxi operators worry over stay-away impact.

Members of the Maseru Regional  Transport Operators need to be taught that the government and the opposition parties are only as strong as business and other social organisations allow them to be.

If these business and social organisations just carry on with their daily business and say they trust that the government and the opposition parties will hold talks soon and bring a speedy resolution of the political crisis like the one Lesotho is experiencing, they surely need lessons about their role in bringing political stability to this country.

Every political system in this world is only as strong as the most organised form of community, which the business community, allows it to be.

The worst forms of governments and opposition movements have been toppled by the will power of their countries’ business communities.

The business community has the power to say enough is enough.

The business community in Lesotho, which includes the Maseru Regional Transport Operators must make their standpoint well known to both the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy and the so-called Big Five political parties.


Katleho Nono


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