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Broke musician regrets quitting job

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Famo musician and former ‘Milikane Secondary School principal ‘Maseabata Seotsa, is giving-up on her talent because of poor returns in the music industry.
Seotsa quit her job as a secondary school principal in Qacha’s Nek last December, for a full time music career.
But the 45-year-old mother of two is now regretting that decision, saying she now finds it difficult to support her family through music.
Until her resignation, Seotsa had been an accounts teacher and ‘Milikane Secondary School principal for 15 years.
She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the National University of Lesotho.
Seotsa, who started singing in 1995 and has released four albums to date, resigned from her full time job to “concentrate more on my music and family.”
 She is one of the few female famo artists with massive support countrywide.
Seotsa, however, regrets her decision to resign from her job with the Ministry of Education because “there is just no money in the music industry to support family.”
Seotsa released her first musical DVD last year and has only sold 300 copies, much to her shock and disappointment.
Each DVD costs M100.
Seotsa told the Weekender this week she was failing to raise money to cut more DVDs for sale.
“Even if I saved from the 300 copies that I’ve sold, it was still going to be difficult because some of the DVDs were taken on credit,” she said.
Seotsa said she was finding it hard to support her children and husband through the little she gets from album sales.
“It is hard to send my children to school and support the family with the little money that I get from these album sales,” she said.
“It was still difficult to support them with my salary because I was using part of it for recording and the cutting of my music albums.”
Seotsa said she was now looking to rejoin the teaching profession lest her family becomes destitute.
“I have started applying for a teaching job,” she said.
Seotsa, who is originally from Qacha’s Nek, meanwhile said fellow villagers used to mock her about her music, saying she was disgracing both herself and her education, as well as the teaching profession.

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