British DJ to headline colour festival


Mohalenyane Phakela

BRITISH disc spinner and producer Charles Webster is set to headline the inaugural annual colour festival slated for October 29 at Maseru Club grounds.

It will be the renowned DJ’s first time in Lesotho where he will share the stage with local, South African and Botswana artistes. The likes of L-Tore, Stlofa, Lele Khesue, Kot Inferno, Jiji F, AfroDj, Zagro DJs, Hally, Thizozo, Trojan, Marvel, Vesta, Pablo, Tybzen, Dallas T, Razordasoul and KTA Kings are expected to form the local contingent while Botswana’s Ban T, DJ Khenzo, Nuno Purtez and Mr Massie as well as South Africa’s Duncan, DJ Finzo and another “surprise act” will complete the line-up at the event.

The event is the brainchild of regional entertainment outfit, Colours of Sound, which operates in Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland. It hosts annual festivals in those countries at different times of the year with the inaugural Lesotho edition being dubbed Lesotho Colour Festival.

According to the Lesotho publicist, Dallas T, it would be a colour festival because there is a use of 5k colours (made from food supplements) which are sprayed all over the venue. In addition, every reveller should also be covered in those different colours. The 5k colour concept was introduced to Lesotho during last year’s Motswako Invasion at Victoria Poolside in Maseru.

“The introduction phase was well received by patrons last year and so we felt compelled to continue blessing Basotho with this unique event,” Dallas T said.

Colour of Sound founder Mr Massie said their events were aimed at fostering unity among the four African countries.

“The festival started in Botswana before spreading to Swaziland, South Africa and Botswana as the aim was to bring these nations together as we speak the same language with related customs.

“The idea is to break boundaries and give artistes new platforms outside their comfort zones. Just as we are bringing artists from those countries, we will also take at least two from Lesotho to perform at the Botswana edition in December.

He said they could take more Basotho artistes to Botswana provided “someone meets us halfway by covering transport costs while we pay the performance fee”.

“We are not only looking at popular acts but artistes who are making an effort to ensure that their products hit the market, irrespective of the genre.

“This in turn promotes tourism among the four countries for if a Lesotho artiste makes an impression in Botswana, surely patrons from that side will come for the Lesotho edition and vice versa,” he said.

“Through our shows we sell a happy atmosphere of the 5k colours. These colouring powders have been tested and they can be eaten, they are safe for the skin and can easily be washed out with water without using soap.

“On the day of the show, we will play games of four colours. Each colour will be shot from its corner so that they blend in the air as they fall on the revellers and this will happen every two hours. Attendees will also be presented with four colour packets upon arrival to play around with.

“We invest more in the production of the show to give everybody a remarkable experience. We have injected close to M400 000 into the Lesotho edition but we are not expecting to make profits at the moment as we believe the event is a good investment which will put Lesotho on the map and reward us later on,” he said.

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