Braai fest organisers promise fireworks


Nthatuoa Koeshe  

ORGANISERS of this year’s edition of the Maletsunyane Braai Festival have promised revelers a series of surprises at the event which is scheduled to start on Saturday and end on Sunday.

The annual festival is held in Semonkong in the outskirts of the Maseru district overlooking the picturesque Maletsunayane Falls.

“Compared to the past two years that we have held the event, we feel that this one will be the best edition because we have made a lot of changes in improving the festival,” Mariti Mariti, one of the organisers told the Weekender.

Mariti said the project to host at least 5000 people with half being foreign tourists.

“The support is very high from different countries and we are expecting people from South Africa, Botswana and eSwatini and many others,” Mariti said.

He said they have also fixed the road to the venue to ensure that small cars can drive to the venue unlike in the past when the venue was only reachable with off-road vehicles.

Mariti further noted that there will also be better infrastructure and facilities which include such as showers to improve the visitors’ experience.

“The showers will be on site and ready to be used and for us this is one of the best improvements this year,” he said.

He said they have also beefed up security through the engagement of a security company which will be complemented by the police and a security fence around the venue.

“We have doubled the security manpower and we have a solid task force to manage the whole event,” Mariti said.

He said they have also left out activities such as hiking and provision of traditional foods which will be provided by the Semonkong community to ensure that they derive benefit from hosting the festival.

Mariti added that they have also banned the trading of mutton from outside Semonkong as the community is known for its mutton production.

Mariti also allayed fears that the festival may be disrupted by the onset of the rains which was marked by violent storms in the recent days but said the rains will enhance the view falls.

“We are actually hoping that it starts raining so that the waterfall is enhanced and the dust settles as we have been experiencing a lot of dust lately and because the event is about braai and camping, people have their shelters to hide from the rain,” Mariti said.

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