Body found in a river

mohokare riverBy ‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — Police are investigating a case in which a woman estimated to be aged between 27 and 30 years was found dead in the Mohokare River on Friday.

According to a preliminary police report issued on Monday by police spokesperson Thato Ramarikhoane, the woman’s body was discovered after a trail of blood led cops to the part of the river running along Sea-Point location, indicating that she was dragged and dumped in the river.

“There were blood stains that were spotted near the river. There was also a hair piece that was found in the area,” Ramarikhoane said.

“And as police went further they spotted a button which they suspected belonged to the victim.”

He added: “A group of police divers found the dead body in the river, just near the river bank. The woman had injuries on her back and neck. It was not clear whether those were the only injuries the deceased had.”

When the deceased was found, Ramarikhoane said, she was wearing stockings, a striped shirt and a waistcoat.

Police observed that the hair piece found a few metres away from the river seemed identical to the one on her head, although police are yet to confirm it.

However, Ramarikhoane said no one had come forward claiming to be her relative or lead police to her family members.

“We are still making inquiries about the deceased’s origin as no one has identified her,” Ramarikhoane said.

Police are conducting further investigations on the case, Ramarikhoane said.


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