Bluebisa vows to remain authentic


Bataung Moeketsi

IN a world where artistes are often forced to change who they truly are in the hope for acceptance and fame, producer, musician and producer, Bluebisa, says he will remain true to himself in his quest to becoming an established artiste.

Born Letšabisa Sehloho in Leribe, the Ha-Seoli resident is determined to make a name for his self in the music industry.

Aside from chasing his dream of becoming a musician, Bluebisa is also pursuing a three-year associate degree in Broadcasting Radio and Television at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology since 2019.

Speaking to the Weekender on Monday, the newcomer said his parents and grandmother contributed immensely to his love for music.

He also said that problems which arouse within his family as he was growing up not only forced him to grow up faster but also taught him valuable life lessons.

“I learnt that I had to earn (my keep) to be where I am today,” Bluebisa said adding that despite the challenges that he has encountered, the desire to succeed has urged him on.

Although he prides himself in being a diverse artiste, he is currently leaning towards producing Sesotho rap.

“I love every kind of music because it gives me a huge space to learn and try different sounds but I am currently focusing on Sesotho hip hop and rap,” Bluebisa said.

“More especially because I think all of us as (Hip Hop) artistes at this period in time, we are trying so hard to make Sesotho and Basotho talents recognised while improving our craft,” he said.

Bluebisa has spent most of this year crafting new music and has gone on to release several singles including Mona Lisa, on Amazon Music and Ngaka Lumela and Nare Freestyle. These songs were released on 11 April, 6 June and 17 June 2020 respectively.

Bluebisa says he too strives to break barriers by riding on authenticity as has been done by South African artistes Sho Madjozi and Master KG who have penetrated global markets.

“My biggest challenge has been recognising that the world is becoming flatter by the day.

“When you are truly authentic, it will be communicated to everyone else. The world can only honour you back the same way you honour it.”

Although proving to be a tough task for many, the musical hopeful is certain that he is “capable of bending the arc of culture”.

Listeners can expect more tracks from Bluebisa and videos to be released soon.

Although a date is yet to be set, his debut full-length project titled Dirty Parcels should be anticipated before the end of the year.


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