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Blood bank runs dry

by Lesotho Times
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By Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — The National Blood Bank is in turmoil due to an acute shortage of blood.
According to blood donor recruiter, Khoboso Moeletsi, there is huge shortage of blood
at the country’s blood bank because of the holidays.

“We are experiencing this shortage because most of the blood donors are students
at schools.

“About 70 percent of the blood donated at the bank is from students who are currently on holiday so the volumes have decreased sharply,” Moeletsi said.

She said while the country needs around 8 000 pints of blood a year at the moment the fridges are empty.
Limpho Seeiso, public relations officer of Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital, said it is normal to experience shortage of blood during this time of the year.

“There is shortage of blood but it is a usual thing to experience as most of the donors are
students,” Seeiso said.

However she said the shortage does not compromise essential services.
“We plead with people to donate blood as that could help save the life of a person in need,” she said.

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