Blood bank ‘almost empty’



Limpho Sello

LESOTHO Blood Transfusion Services (LBTS) has called on Basotho to donate blood to save lives during the festive season when demand will be higher due to the likelihood of increased accidents.

LBTS has been facing challenges in collecting enough blood after the Ministry of Education and Training pulled the plug on the service’s school blood donation programme.

The ban was effected after parents allegedly complained to the ministry they were not consulted over health services provided to their children in schools.

LBTS blood donor recruiter Khatala Liphoto recently told the Lesotho Times that the decision has left thousands of patients in need of blood transfusion vulnerable to otherwise preventable deaths.

Mr Khatala said the situation was so dire that the LBTS feared the worst for the Christmas holidays when there was usually an upsurge in accidents, leaving victims in urgent need of blood transfusion.

Yesterday, LBTS Manager Ms Maleqhoa Nyopa told this publication that although they were grateful for the blood collected from different organisations and individuals last week, the situation had not improved and it was incumbent on the public to restock the blood bank which was dry by donating.

“The blood we collected is on its way to the hospitals as we speak, so we really cannot say we have donated enough although we collected several blood units last week,” Ms Nyopa said.

“I am impressed with donations and this shows that people listen and react to our campaigns on various media platforms,” Ms Nyopa said.

“During the festive season people usually get into accidents and fights where they get injured and require blood transfusions.

It is up to each individual to donate blood and save someone’s life,” Ms Nyopa said.

She also called on individuals with the blood group O Negative to donate blood adding that this blood type could be administered to people of all blood groups.

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