Blessed is the hand that giveth

Steaming It Off

OH well, history has been made again!

South Africa is going to have a new president soon!

 I could go on at the same tangent as I did with the US president, Barack Obama, and start discussing the president-in-waiting’s “pull power” but that would be a very short discussion.

Jacob Zuma has proven himself in that department already!

Anyway, I think I could talk about the scary incident that took place at our prime minister’s house.

Man oh man, what in the world is Lesotho coming to?

Was that for real? Like right now, I am still wondering what the plan was?

Why are people trying to cause confusion in this peaceful kingdom?

Eish! I could also go on and on with this, but I beg to bow out because politics has never really been my forte.

But I suppose you should watch this space — there could be more to come!

What with the names of the suspects being released, we might soon enough get the real story behind this madness. 

Anyway, we have all noticed recent changes in temperatures over the last few weeks hey!

It is getting nippier and nippier!

And believe me it looks like it is going to get even worse!

Around this time of the year we see very sad incidents of people dying in a bid to keep warm or some folk freezing to death.

It is really heartrending to see.

I am scared that I might freeze to death this winter because I know I do not have enough clothes and blankets to keep myself warm.

But I look around, on our streets and I see I am better off, there are others who are suffering more than I do, and they are yet to suffer!

I then asked myself what could be done to try tO get even one poor soul warm this winter.

Easy! Donate some clothing to them — right?

That is easier said than done because there is a whole lot of these street folk and on top of that there are numerous orphanages and homes all over the place.

So, where would you start? I do not know either.

But I know this; it is all our social responsibility to try to give.

We all know that “blessed is the hand that gives”, right?

In any case, what are you doing with all those clothes that do not fit you anymore?

Why don’t you lighten up your living space and get rid of some?

And it will not actually be getting rid of them, you will be helping a person who is in need!

Do not hold on to scraps because they close the path for better things trying to come your way.

Ha-ha-ha, I probably sound like those cheesy astrological emails that just flood our inboxes all the time, but it is actually so true.

Logically, where would you place any new stuff, if your place is filled with old things that you do not have any use for anymore?

I know that we believe it is the government’s responsibility to feed and clothe the homeless, the sick and the hungry, but really now, uena where is your heart?

There is something called social responsibility which each of us, no matter who you are, should — no scrap that — MUST be accountable for!

Hey guys, I know you are all wondering where this preachy talk about giving and being a helping hand is coming from.

Well all I can say is I know how it feels to be cold, hungry and helpless.

I also know how it feels to be helped by someone!

I know the appreciation you feel for that person even years after the incident.

What’s more, I know the warm feeling you get when you have helped a person in need.

For that reason please give something to the needy folks around you!

It will come back to you ten-fold!

 Somebody mentioned to me earlier this month that the best way to get warm in winter, especially if you are bound to be as freezing as I might become, is to get a live-in partner.

I guess you can do it legally through marriage or by arrangement.

It may make sense, but then if you decide to get yourself that two-legged heater, are you still going to need  it in summer? What will happen then?

 On top of everything, what are you going to do if a child is conceived in that winter-marriage?

Hey, we are trying to decrease the number of destitute little children, so do not complicate our struggle.

Those are just silly questions I ask myself sometimes, but what he said made me realise something — have you noticed there are so many pregnant women every time just as winter makes way for summer?

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