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Blame no one but yourself

by Lesotho Times
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Steaming It Off

THERE are times — actually, most times — when you land in hot soup and find yourself blaming everyone and everything around you except the real culprit: YOU!

Fine, there are times when you look around and realise the bad situation has not been created by you.

You can blame it on someone or something — only when it is valid to do so.

Check this out: it is in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning and you find yourself in a cold room sitting on a chair, praying fervently that no harm befalls you before day break.

Let me illustrate.

Dinah is a free-spirited, fun-loving girl.

She has some friends and acquaintances with whom she goes out on nights of fun.

On this fated day, blaming it on boredom, she hangs with a guy she has only hung out with once before.

No sweat, right?

She is a big girl who takes care of herself.

They decide to drive to the neighbouring border town, as it is common knowledge that their own little village is a bore most of the time.

Dinah decides to ignore the fact that her companion is already tipsy and they ride off to have fun and more booze.

After the first drink, SSS informs Dinah that he has run out of cash, so she should sponsor the rest of the drinks.

Hey, she did not really expect to be pampered here, but this is rather weird!

She meets up with some of his friends and they all have a great jol.

SSS then starts acting funny and getting jealous as Dinah interacts with people.

At this point he is seriously inebriated so to avoid any silly antics Dinah pleads with his friends to drive the car all the way to the border and says she will make a plan on the other side.

Unfortunately, this guy is the most stubborn thing ever.

He drives off in a huff, nearly knocking someone on the side of the road.

He races all the way to the border and he gets pulled over by cops!

Being drunk, he is rather rude to the cops, thus he gets arrested.

Dinah is given grief by the cops and told she has to make her way home.

Things could have turned out worse — they might have been involved in an accident, or the cops might have decided to arrest both of them.

Whose fault is it she is in this position?


She cannot blame anyone but herself.

Still on being drunk, if you find yourself waking up in a strange place, with some unfamiliar person beside you — naked nogal — you have only yourself to blame for going over your alcohol limit.

Yes, there are stories of drinks being spiked — meaning that was not your fault — so drink responsibly and with caution.

When you have sex, you know the risks involved.

And when you have unsafe sex, you must surely know you are putting yourself at a mortal risk of so many things.

There are diseases that could rupture your very member, so blaming the person who you had the unsafe sex with for the consequences is just inane.

You should have known better, right?

There is nothing that ticks me off like excuses such as “he tricked me” and “she was looking so good I couldn’t wait”.

If you are going to have sex, do it at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself and protect others.

There are too many street kids right now and we do not have enough hospital beds.

Thabo is married — and he says he is happily married.

However, he has a string of girlfriends.

He goes around blaming his wife for his cheating ways.

And when he is quizzed about the exact wrongdoing his wife is guilty of, he changes his story and says: “There are just too many fine women. What can I do?”

He is not alone in trying to blame others for his infidelity.

I have heard some really silly excuses whispered by men and women when the brown stuff hits the fan after or during an extra-marital affair.

Look, you can only blame the other person if he or she lied about their marital status and, believe me, when you eventually find out the truth that is your cue to ship out — fast!

It is fact most of the dire things that befall you might as well be your fault.

So stop playing the blame game and shape up!

No one can run your life except you.

The decisions you make will have some impact in your life, one way or the other.

So when things go wrong, do not be quick at pointing fingers.

And remember when you point out with one finger, the rest of them will be pointing right back at you.


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