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Black Panther inspires local writers to pen comic book

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

WRITERS Teele Sehalahala, Mokhele Ntho and Sekantsi Mokhohlane are set to launch their debut comic book sci-fi KSHYZO at Café What? tonight.

Inspired by the Box Office Blockbuster, Black Panther, the comic book is published by Opus Grand Creative Studio.

The writers said the story is about a child with supernatural powers by the gods to protect his people and is set on another planet.

Mokhohlane told the Weekender that the storyline follows the child’s development into manhood and the challenges he goes through.

“The story came to me a few years ago and I felt Lesotho needed to offer the world something new and current so I thought of a sci-fi or action comic book with characters and terminology that sound familiar to us,” Mokhohlane said.

He said his faith in the project was strengthened after the success of Black Panther movie.

Mokhohlane said at the launch they will give out more details about the book and how the story came about as this is a new dimension of storytelling in the country.

He said although the book is not yet available on the market, it would be sold for M89, 99 once it is available.

Mokhohlane said they would announce the book’s availability on social media before the end of the week where the book can be purchased.

He said the subject of the story and its plot was destined to sweep readers off their feet owing to the riveting imagery adding that this would force the reader to rethink being a Mosotho and being an African relating to the world.

Mokhohlane said he was aware of the dwindling culture of reading among young people but noted that he believes that the comic book story’s originality would excite the youth and recapture their imagination.

“It is particularly difficult to come up with reference points because this is the first such product in the country,” Mokhohlane said.

He said the book primarily targets young Africans aged 13 to 35 although the older generations can still derive interest from it.


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