Black Affluence party returns


Mohalenyane Phakela

THE tenth edition of the Black Affluence turn up party is on at the Cuban Linx club on Saturday.

Dubbed the 10 Up, the event aims to attract revelers to make the party a proper #TurnUp.

Launched in 2012, Black Affluence is as an events and apparel outfit which has hosted various events such as “Re-Up”, “Wrap Up”, “Blow Up” and “The Takeover” parties.

They first featured a foreign act in December 2015, the South African DJ PH who came again last December together with the comedian TolAssMo.

Black Affluence representative, Phoka Lithebe this week told the Weekender that they would  only feature foreign acts in December in order to “maintain the essence” of their shows.

“We were first focused on apparels when we started but then we realised that the local entertainment scene did not offer the kind of turn up we wanted hence we launched these series of events.

“It was never about boosting the shows with a lineup of artistes we believe people would love to see but just like chefs who are mandated to prepare dishes they can be proud of, we wanted to throw parties that we would be able to turn up to.

“The winter shows will always be the normal Black Affluence shows that people who have made us what we are today best know us for while we will only invite foreign acts in December since it is a bigger event held outdoors,” he said.

Lithebe further also dismissed rumours that this would be their last show, saying they were here to stay.

“We launched these shows due to the loophole we saw in the entertainment industry and there is no way we would call it quits when we have managed to offer volumes of people the kind of turn up they want.

“I believe we are the only big show organisers without sponsors and so we had to channel our funds exclusively to the events and we put the apparel side of things on hold.

“The other thing is that we used to be based outside the country and only came home during the holidays but since we are now based at home we are thinking of re-launching the clothes,” he said.

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