Birds of Paradise takes fashion to new heights

nomasondoBy Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Lesotho’s fashion scene soared to new heights, as Pioneer Mall hosted their annual fashion show last Saturday.

This third edition of Birds of Paradise show was aimed at showcasing the latest trends in fashion.

“We have realised that there is always a new trend of fashion that is setting the streets abuzz every season, so we as Pioneer are only trying to introduce people to what is hot this season,” Phokoane Taoana of Pioneer Mall’s Marketing department told the Weekender in an interview on Monday.

“We showcase the latest in fashion, being the clothes that are offered by shops that are tenants here at Pioneer.

“We had 13 shops inspire customers with their easy, swanky looks for summer”.

Whether skinny low-slung trousers, slip dresses that float, the clothes were cut right to fit the different shapes of bodies, depending on individual sizes, imparting fluidity and fun.

Taoana said: “It has come to our attention that plus-sized people struggle to find the elegant clothes that perfectly fit them. This time we had such clothes shown on the runway by the plus-sized models.

“Although this is a marketing strategy, we are also trying to embrace the tenants that we have by showing their clothes to the target market. We are also trying to show people that Pioneer Mall is their one-stop shopping place.”

The latest sportswear collection was unveiled and also taking centre stage were elegant suits, dresses, sexy pants and a whole range of jewellery offered at Pioneer shops.

The show was a lavish event with an elaborate variety of clothing lines and set designs according to different themes running with the show, varying with music which was played by a DJ.

The show attracted hordes of customers which made it difficult for others to see.

“The fashion show is growing annually as we had a larger number of spectators this time. We normally have two shows a year being the spring/summer show and the autumn/winter show, each showcasing the leading trends of these seasons,” she said.

When asked as to how they got models Taoana said: “We are all about extracting raw and young talent bearing in mind the type of models the shops demanded. We did not use any model agency because they do not actually give us what we need mostly in terms of age.”

Since there is no make-up shop at Pioneer, Beauty Spot sponsored the event by giving the models make-up.

Shops offering products unavailable at Pioneer are allowed to take part in the event.

Entertainment was offered by a local upcoming group Linooko Talent Development which focuses on exploring different forms of dances like Sbujwa, Pantsula and traditional dances.

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