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Beware the armed columnist!

by Lesotho Times
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So the major-general is clinging on.

It’s shocking that after a decade of unbridled failure as leader of the Basotho National Party (BNP) the old fox still thinks he has not overstayed.

Under his guidance the party’s support base has shrunk from hundreds of thousands to just above a dozen.

Now the BNP supporters can’t even fill three “4+1” taxis.

How the mighty have fallen with a thud.

It boggles the mind why a man who is clearly the problem that has crippled the party can still think that he could be part of the solution to revive it.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that the former military ruler has failed dismally.

Not even the general himself can deny his own failure.

There is nothing left in the BNP apart from the name.

That he has failed is as clear as a goat’s behind.

Scrutator is not a political analyst but she knows a rundown political party when she sees one.

Thanks to the old soldier the BNP is one.

Now I hear that some party functionaries have hatched a plan to pay him out to let go of his dead man’s grip on power.

Hell no!

Why the hell should he be paid to leave the post that he didn’t pay to get in the first place?

Why should the party offer a gratuity to a man who has spent a whole decade undermining it?

Methinks the party must instead be claiming money from him for the damage that he has done to its name, its support base and prospects in the next election.

Yes, the party supporters must drag him to court for hoodwinking them into believing that he was leading them to the Promised Land when in fact he was leading them astray.

Now they are inches away from hell and they have only the general to blame.

If anyone out there can show me what positive thing the general has done for the BNP I will show them the man who has destroyed the party.


A columnist for that other weekly was probably still caressing his itching backside after I bollocked him for the baloney he penned a fortnight ago when the shocking news came out. 

In fact, Scrutator’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she learnt the columnist-cum-activist was up for armed robbery.

Can you imagine Tukula Makhakhe, who was crying crimson tears alleging ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) party cadres were being marginalised at government-initiated projects, is the man I’m talking about?

Hear, hear!

So if he’s not hard at writing hogwash about his LCD comrades not getting jobs on the basis of their membership of the ruling party he’s busy allegedly toting guns?

Makhake is being accused of robbing, at gunpoint, the Lesotho Post Bank — 100 percent-owned by the very government he purports to love so much — of M29 677.

If the allegations are found to be true, after a fair hearing of course, Makhakhe should be dragged before the party’s disciplinary committee for sabotaging an LCD-initiated project like the Post Bank.

The Post Bank, by the way, is a bank for the poor.

But hold your breath for more shocking news. 

He and his co-accused also allegedly struck fear into the heart of an innocent woman at Maluti Motors by pointing a gun at her and making off with M120 000.

What is the world of newspapers coming to really?

Scrutator has always bemoaned how our ever-accommodating profession gives refuge to societal misfits including law rejects and political activists.

Now how will people remember Makhakhe?

As an overzealous LCD cadre, a once-upon-a-time publisher, robber or columnist?

Of course Makhakhe will have his day in court but the mere fact that he has been in  the dock for this heinous crime — never mind they are still allegations — is a massive blemish on his CV. 

Real party cadres work for their money. 

I hope the brother survives the charges and walks out of jail to continue purveying his warped ideas through that column.

Scrutator, as inventive as ever, had found a new use for his weekly instalments.

I thought his column would be useful reference for journalism students trying to master how not to write newspaper articles.

Scrutator would assume our jails, being government institutions, have scores of LCD acolytes in their employ.

Will Makhakhe cry foul then that a government-appointed bench is sending a government praise-singer to a government-controlled prison? Helang!

Show them your LCD party membership card ntate.


Scrutator likes sex.

Of course I will show you Jesus if you show me anyone who doesn’t like it.

But I will not stand arms akimbo while some little pamphlets masquerading as newspapers corrupt our impressionable children with ideas about sex.

That is why I am telling some pamphlets to desist from their obsession with stories about manhood and bedroom matters.

Have they finished real health matters?

People want to know what to pack for the children to school yet some lousy Monday paper keeps going on and on about food that reduces sperm count.

We have sick people who want advice on food that can boost their immune systems but some paper finds it fitting to talk about foods that “improve performance” in the bedroom.

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