Berea women woo US sponsors

MASERU — Berea women’s football is courting visiting Americans to sponsor the game in the district, the Lesotho Times has learnt.

The seven Americans – led by Jennifer Pride – are evaluating how the Berea Women’s League Committee is running the game.

They have already visited three zones in the district and will be expected to watch an eight-team women’s football tournament starting today in Berea.

Last week the Americans sponsored school games held at St Lawrence High School in Teyateyaneng.

Berea Women’s League Committee president Lekhooa Thabaneng confirmed these developments on Monday.

“We have seven people from America who came to see how we run our league and other football matters,” Thabaneng said.

“The main purpose of their visit is to try and establish areas within the women’s league that need help.”

Thabaneng said the Americans were individual sport lovers who wanted to help improve women’s football in Berea district.

“They are not from any organisation but are people who love sport and want to help in any way possible to develop the game,” he said.

“They have already visited three zones and we expect them to state their final decision on a possible sponsorship deal between Friday and August 4.”

Thabaneng said there were two specific areas that needed immediate help.

“We seriously want them to help us with training kits for the girls as well as providing us with coaching experts for women’s football,” he said.

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