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Back to school for chess coaches

by Lesotho Times
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Mikia Kalati

THE Chess Federation of Lesotho will from today hold a two-day training seminar for its instructors at Blue Mountain Inn Hotel in Teyateyaneng.

The seminar will be facilitated by the World Chess Federation/Fédération International de Échecs (FIDE) chief executive officer, Geoffrey Borg.

According to the federation’s vice president, Thloriso Morienyane, successful participants at the two-day seminar will qualify to be chess instructors, development instructors, FIDE instructor and FIDE trainers.

The association only has three qualified coaches.

“Most of our coaches have been working without any qualifications and it will be their first time getting formal training as coaches,” Morienyane said.

“The last day of the seminar will see them writing examinations and if they pass, they will get certificates that will qualify them as coaches and instructors of different levels.”

Morienyane said it will be a huge achievement for the association to get qualified instructors for different levels.

“The course will focus on coaches that work with different categories of the sport from the youth to the highest level. We are excited because the training will be conducted by the FIDE boss, who is also a qualified instructor of the sport.

“We only have three qualified instructors and the training will help us promote the sport throughout the country,” he said.

He said he is confident that the seminar will usher the sport into a new chapter as it is the first time for such trainings.

“This is exciting for us because we have never had such as training. It is also going to help the country as we will no longer struggle to get training instructors for players and prospective players.

“It is also going to help us as a country as chess has been included on the country’s schools curriculum. We are confident that it will open a new chapter for our sport to grow as it is already attracting a lot of people especially the youth.

“However, the most positive take from this is that we will have a much bigger pool of instructors to improve the sport,” Morienyane said.


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