Asha Healing Retreat comes to Maseru


Nthatuoa Koeshe

ASHA, an organisation specialising in wellness therapy is set to host a three-day healing retreat at Advocates Executive Business Suites in Thetsane, Maseru next month.

Running under the theme You Are worth It, the healing retreat will start on 29 and end on 31 March 2019.

The healing retreat will among others focus on physical, spiritual and mental transformation.

Founded in August 2016 in Johannesburg by massage therapist and natural health practitioner, Makhomo Tsepa Overvoorde, Asha also offers massage therapy, yoga, guided meditation, counseling and energy cleansing sessions, healing, hope and transformation.

Makhomo told the Weekender that plans are underway to hold the retreat quarterly in Lesotho, starting in Maseru before it goes to other districts.

“During the three days, participants of the retreat will go through a basic medical and wellness consultation to dig deeper into their medical/health and wellbeing in general,” Makhomo said.

She said this will be followed by a therapeutic massage, yoga sessions and meditation plus the energy cleansing and balance while all the participants will gather on the last day for the final session “and celebration to complete or perhaps start the journey of self-love, alignment and self-worth”.

Makhomo said the idea behind the retreat came from having some patients travelling to Johannesburg to receive alternating healing from Asha Healing Retreat.

She said through the retreat, they want to tell people that putting themselves first doesn’t mean one does not care about others but it means they are smart enough to know that they cannot help others if they don’t help themselves first.

Makhomo also that closing date for bookings was March 1 with couples expected to pay M1800.

“This retreat is for everyone; those with health issues who would like to explore natural ways to healing and those who would like to make alternative healing as part of their lifestyle to avoid illness in general,” she said.

Makhomo was born and bred in Lesotho and is a registered massage therapist, counsellor and natural health practitioner. She did her well-being training at the Asha Foundation in the UK and trained as a holistic massage therapist in Swedish advanced hot stone, remedial sports, Balinese scalp massage and reflexology at Balancing Touch Institute of Reflexology in South Africa.

She is the founder of Asha Healing Retreat in Johannesburg which provides and facilitates holistic healing and transformational coaching. She has helped people with different illnesses including insomnia, back pain, arthritic pain headaches and migraines and specialises in massage therapy for prevention of stress related Illnesses.

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