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. . . as former minister attacks league leader

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — The Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD)’s deputy secretary-general Lebohang Nts’inyi on Sunday accused the party’s youth league chairman Thuso Litjobo of dragging her name in the mud.

Nts’inyi launched the attack on Litjobo minutes after the conference for the Stadium Area constituency’s youth committee had been abandoned following arguments over its legality.

Nts’inyi arrived when the conference had been declared over but found some delegates still in the hall.

Nts’inyi asked Litjobo why he had been speaking ill of her during the conference.

“I have been told Ntate Litjobo, that you have been speaking ill of me here, that you have been spoiling my name,” Nts’inyi said.

Nts’inyi claimed she had received a telephone call from one of the delegates telling her that Litjobo was attacking her in his speech.

However, Nts’inyi would not elaborate on how exactly Litjobo had “spoilt her name”.

But before Nts’inyi could say more constituency youth committee chairman Lekhotla Mats’aba interrupted her.

“Litjobo has neither spoken ill of you nor has he said anything bad about your name,” Mats’aba told Nts’inyi.

A visibly emotional Litjobo told Nts’inyi that her allegations were without basis.

 “I only said what I know to be true, that the LCD youth members who disrupted this elective conference did so because they are still tending to their wounds,” Litjobo said.

“This truth I will speak even before an open grave. I said they were angry because the ministers they support were fired during the cabinet reshuffle.

“I also said they were still in denial about losing out on the national youth committee elections. Never did I for once mention your name or even refer to it.”

He added: “Both these issues have provoked anger within these youth members and their unbecoming behaviour is a mechanism to unleash their disappointment.” 

Nts’inyi was recently fired as tourism minister.

When contacted for comment yesterday Nts’inyi said she only wanted to understand why Litjobo had spoken about her. 

“I was told by one of the people at the venue of the meeting in a telephone call that Litjobo alleged members from the Stadium Area were angry because their MP had been fired from her ministerial post,” Nts’inyi said.

“It was not an attack on Litjobo. I simply wanted to get clarity on the things he said about me. The problem with these children is that they can be very economical with the truth.” 

Meanwhile, Mats’aba claimed yesterday that Nts’inyi had instructed constituency chairman Motlatsi Molise to disrupt the conference.

Ntate Molise was wrong to take orders from ‘M’e Nts’inyi to call off the elections,” Mats’aba said.

“As the constituency chairman, he’s not supposed to take orders from an ordinary member of the committee.”

But Nts’inyi denied this allegation as well. 

Nts’inyi added that instead of inviting representatives of the national youth committee, the constituency youth committee should have “sought guidance from the constituency committee”.

“It is unfortunate that these children will say anything that comes to their minds and even invent lies to discredit you, both in your absence or presence,” Nts’inyi said.

 “I wonder where Lekhotla was and how he came (to the conclusion that) I instructed Molise to adjourn their conference.”

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