Arts group to host first spelling bee



Bare e ne re Co-director Lineo Segoete (1)
Bare e ne re Co-director Lineo Segoete

Mohalenyane Phakela

ARTS organisation, Ba re e ne re, will hold its inaugural National Spelling Bee tomorrow at the State Library.

A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words with a varying degree of difficulty. According to Ba re e ne re co-director Lineo Segoete the event, which is scheduled to start at 9am, will see the highest performers from 10 schools across the country competing to spell both English and Sesotho words.

“At the National Spelling Bee, contestants will demonstrate their literacy skills by spelling words in both Sesotho and English. There will be five students competing at the primary school level, and five students competing at the high school level with a total of 10 contestants,” said Segoete.

“There will be two winners from each group and the purpose of the project is to encourage Basotho students to practice and improve their literacy skills including vocabulary, word structure and writing abilities. The regional and national spelling bees also encourage students to think on their feet under pressure and build confidence.”

She said the primary school contestants consisted of students from Linakaneng Primary School, St Denis Primary School, Monyake Primary School, Maluti Adventist School and Rakobeli Primary School. The high school contestants would be Mokotjana Secondary School, Malubalube Secondary School, Mopeli High School, Qholaquoe High School and Rat’seou High School students.

“The 2015 National Spelling Bee was made possible by the generous contributions from partners including Friends of Lesotho, US Embassy-Maseru, Peace Corps, Metropolitan Insurance, Office National, Mountain View Hotel, Hotel Mount Maluti and DHL,” she said.

Ba re e ne re was founded in 2011 by Liepollo Rantekoa to advance literary arts in Lesotho and connect Basotho writers and artists with those in the region and around the world. After Rantekoa tragically passed away in 2012, her friends and family united to carry on her vision.

Segoete added that their flagship project, Ba re e ne re Literature Festival, that brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and ages including writers, editors, poets, students, artists and educators among others to share ideas on the literary arts, would be held next month.

“From 5-6 December 2015, we will hold the festival, hosting panel discussions, a writing workshop, a keynote lecture, creative performances and arts activities for children,” she said.

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