Artistes in on joint mixtape


Bataung Moeketsi

SEVERAL local upcoming artistes have collaborated on a 16-track mixtape dubbed The Street Vol. 1 which was released on 7 August 2020.

The project has 19 artistes including King Kris LSO, Andy, Johnny Sniper, Jim Math, StoNer, Johnson K, LetshohlaJr, Nizzy King, Kat and Lonester.

Porsche Ala Presto, AY-D, Tiel Ra, DESIRE, GoodWill, Dabbi Sad, Macc Warlet, Shank, and Nickson are also on the project.

LesMusic is solely hosting the project on its website from which listeners can download it for free. LesMusic public relations officer, Litšitso Sibolla, curated the mixtape and selected the songs that made the cut out of 140 records that were submitted for the project.

King Kris LSO and graphics company Gfted Castle Graphics were also involved in the selection process. Gfted Castle Graphics offered its graphic design services towards the mixtape.

King Kris LSO recently told the Xpress People he had been entertaining the idea of creating such a platform for upcoming artistes from as early as 2018.

He however, waited until he had a large enough following before executing his vision of unearthing Lesotho’s hidden talents.

“My vision has always been one of a healthy industry, an industry of successful artistes who work together and create great music together, and an industry that could penetrate the global market together,” King Kris LSO said.

“What I had realised being an independent upcoming artiste myself, was that local musicians are mostly filled with envy.”

He said the tracks were chosen based on quality, the artistes’ delivery and flow patterns among others.

According to the rapper, the reception of the mixtape has been exceptional since its release as it has achieved its mandate of placing a spotlight on the hip-hop industry.

King Kris LSO said plans are already underway for the second instalment of the mixtape series.

“The next volume will be aimed at promoting not only local artistes but also upcoming producers. We hope to incorporate videographers, content creators and event organisers in the mix.”

For his part, Sibolla said their role in the mixtape is from a promotional perspective since LesMusic also promotes projects via social media.

“LesMusic is focused on revolutionising the country’s music industry and this project, which features a bunch of artistes, promotes unity because when people work together, they can easily build an industry.

“The artistes involved also promote the project as a team and therefore, it means the fans of one artiste will discover other new artistes on the mixtape. We hope that similar collaborative endeavours will create a buzz in the music industry and the talent it has to offer,” Sibolla said.

LesMusic was founded in 2015 and started by building its website and handling administrative issues. It officially launched its website in 2019.

Sibolla said they are currently working on a feature that will allow listeners to purchase music off the website, which will in turn ensure that artistes get paid for streams and downloads.

They are currently working on the legal technicalities pertaining to the sale of music on the website.

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