April Fool’s Day came with no real drama

Every other themed day has an origin of some sort — Women’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Hero’s Day and all the other days that we celebrate one way or the other.

This month we marked April Fool’s Day. The bottomless pit of knowledge called the internet had a few explanations and stories on how the day came about.

And when I say stories, believe me — there’s even a conspiracy theory among the endless pages I read! Bona…there is even some religious massacre story there!

Eish, we humans are really creative, seriously!

But, I am seriously not getting into that, no matter how lines and lines of fascinating of words would flow from that topic. You want to know more? Then get clicking Cuz…hehehehe!

Anyway, April Fool’s Day came and went by this year with no real drama, well, not for me anyway.

I have been a victim of really calm pranks for a long time…and at this time will really like to thank all my friends and anyone else, for sparing me the headache. I appreciate and love the fact that you use your brains for better things!  

On the other hand, I have also played really lame games on people, I seem not to have imagination much — on pranks.

To give you an example, last year I posted on, a social network site, a few updates that were veiled to make whoever happened to read to think there was a second heartbeat within me — to believe I was pregnant!

Oh my word, there were congratulations galore, but with those also came questions, and you obviously know the major one was “who is the baby’s daddy?”

The congratulatory messages went on through until the next day, because I had forgotten to post “April Fool’s!” before midnight of that night. My bad!  

I even got emails after a few days even though I had posted an explanation about three times on the site, explaining that the earlier post was a joke.

Before last year’s not so funny Fool’s Lie, the only prank I remember ever playing was a really dark one, which got us in trouble. Actually, I will say it now, before all of you, that it was not my idea, I was just a participant — and believe me, I enjoyed it, though there was serious scolding that came after!

My dear sister and a neighbour friend of ours roped me in a diabolical April Fool’s prank that they wanted to play on all the neighbourhood kids we knew.

We were banking on the fact that the kids — well they were not really kids, the age range was 16 to 22 — people we usually hung out with days and nights; loved cookies.

So we whipped up a batch of really delicious cookies with a twist. We made two separate batches. One batch was alright, we baked it first and put it away.

In the second batch we added one finely crushed Indian peanut. For those of you who have no idea what an Indian peanut is — it is a purgative, a seriously strong laxative, that works marvelously.

When all was done we went out in the street holding the safe cookies to entice our victims. Just like bees to bright light, everyone swarmed around us wanting more.

We announced we had more in the house and we all duly marched home where each person was given one tainted cookie and two or three ‘normal’ ones.

As we all know, greed never pays and there is always one friend in a group who is always grabbing from other’s plates or stuffing their mouths faster when we are all eating from one plate.

Well, we had one of that kind and unfortunately for him, he grabbed a half-eaten tainted cookie from someone’s hand.

Everyone was in a good mood, everyone chilling under our favourite hangout tree, laughing and chattering, making plans for the weekend when the first rumble hit.

It was really loud, some even looked up to see whether it came from the sky. The second one came, then we realised it came from the greedy dude’s stomach! Let the race begin!

He bolted from where he was sitting like a Jack-in-the-box, sprinted towards his house, one hand clutching his bottom like he wanted to keep something in, while the other was already undoing the belt.

We all cracked up laughing loud — unfortunately for one guy, the laugh was a bit too loud and shook his intestines a bit. He stood still for a minute, with a look on his face which I think I had only seen after hours in a make-up artist’s chair.

Then he walked, more like waddled towards his house too. All this time, the three of us were killing ourselves with laughter, which kind of gave away that we were somehow responsible for the events going on around us!

After that people just dispersed, to different lops. I really cannot get into how bad it was, because just thinking about the mess thereafter is making me cringe.

But, I can tell that my greedy friend spent the day in the toilet (we discovered this when we did rounds to different houses).

We got a tongue-lashing of a lifetime from the parents of all our friends, they did not find it funny at all. April Fool did not mean jack to them. We had to swear never to try any pranks ever again. I have kept the promise. I cannot talk for my accomplices though.

Anyway, hope your April Fool’s Day was interesting my people, but don’t you think if we treated every day, OK well at least every first of each month, as an April Fool’s Day, there would be less stressed people in the world?

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