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‘Anti-Valentine’s gig kicks off in Maseru

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — February is the month of love.

But not everyone appears to be in the mood to have been swept off the stage.

Tonight will see an “anti-Valentine’s Day” event at Times Cafe in Maseru.

The event,dubbed Boycott Valentine, is being organised by a local events company, Just Flawless.

Valentine’s Day is marked on February 14 every year to celebrate love.

The day is named after St Valentine, an early Christian martyr.

It is a day when lovers express their love to each other by wearing red clothes and exchanging red roses.

Ma-Lord Mefane, who is organising the event, told the Weekender that the event is meant to allow people to unwind without pressure of trying to impress their lovers.

“The event’s theme of a boycott is simply to tell people that now is the time to relax and let loose.

“Don’t think about Valentine’s Day, don’t think about red.

“In fact anyone who wears red for the show will get a fine,” Mefane said.

She said Valentine’s Day tends to put people under tremendous pressure to impress their lovers with gifts.

“Valentine’s Day always adds pressure on men in choosing ways to impress their partners.

“We are really asking people not to think about gifts, the colour red and flowers.

“For those who are single, the day tends to sour up emotions. We want people to reject the day because it is really lame.”

Mefane said there will be local DJs to add spark and deliver a wide variety of music to entertain revellers.

“Behind the decks will be DJ Slats of Big Potato, DJ Mosh, Shaixtacy and Chino.

“These are some of the good jockeys we have locally and will provide a good variety of music,” Malefane said.

She said the idea was to involve local artists in local events.

But it appears not everyone is buying the idea of boycotting Valentine’s Day.

A local cosmetics company, EV Cosmetics and Hair Saloon, in collaboration with Maseru Sun Hotel, is plodding on with plans to host a Valentine’s Day Dinner at Maseru Sun on February 14.

EV Cosmetics and Hair Saloon’s boss, Lebohang Ramone, told the Weekender that the dinner has been organised to allow lovers to celebrate their love.

Ramone said Kingdom Classics will perform at the event.

Local comedian Cura and local poet Kholu Lieta have also been billed to take part in the show.

“This is a continuation of our efforts of organising events to promote local talent through art, fashion and music,” Ramone said.

He said the night will mark the importance of celebrating love.

“The event will be hosted on Valentine’s Day for lovers but even those who are single are welcome to join the fun,” Ramone said.

He said the night will see a warm romantic set-up of candle-lit dinner and soft music.

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