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Alliance sponsors netball tourney

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Players worldwide find it hard to make a living from netball because the sport is not as well recognised as football.

This was said by LCS netball club chairperson Matungoa Phamotse on Monday during a function to hand over a sponsorship package to the correctional services team.

Alliance Insurance Company gave the side M25 000 for the inter-club tournament LCS will host on March 27 and 28.

“After forming a male netball team a few years ago, we realised that our players were rejected by their workmates, communities and the nation,” Phomotse said.

“It was kind of difficult for them because they were treated badly because of the sport they chose to play.

“We then became aware that netball was not well recognised as a sport, which makes it difficult for a player to make a living from it throughout the whole world.

“For example, if it was soccer or volleyball, the media people could have filled this place.”

Phamotse said the sponsorship they received from Alliance was a massive boost for the sport.

“We are very much happy about this sponsorship because this is just the beginning of new things,” Phamotse said.

“This will help netball to be a well-recognised sport where players can earn a living.”

LCS will host 16 netball clubs — both female and male teams — from Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland at the inter-club tournament set for this monthend.

There will also be 26 local teams competing in the tournament.

LCS team manager Makhotso Mokoatle confirmed the developments on Monday.

“It has been difficult to reach this point without a sponsor,” Mokoatle said.

“But we can proudly say that we are going to host five teams (Botswana), 10 teams (South Africa), one from Swaziland and 26 local teams at this year’s inter-club tournament.

“This became a dream come true through Alliance’s sponsorship and we are very grateful.

“The tournament will be played on March 27 and 28.”

The regional inter-club netball tournament is LCS’s initiative which started last year.

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