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Aids festival with difference

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Local entertainment company, BAM Promotions, says it will on Saturday hold an extravagant end-of-year party to mark World Aids Day.
The music festival, dubbed the Bambatha Tsíta Aids Festival, will be held at Khotsong Lodge, about 15km south-east of Maseru.
Solomon Lefoka, a promoter with BAM Promotions told the Weekender that the festival will seek to close the year in style and provide an experience music fans will never forget.
“The Aids festival is going to be the best 2009 year-end party for Lesotho.
“It’s (going to be) so special with 17 artists (affiliated to BAM Promotions) performing. We will also have a CD launch by Nkesi,” Lefoka said.
Among the artists who are under the BAM Promotions stable are Lefate, Julia Khuto and Immortal Phoenix.
Nkesi and the Rainbow Queens are expected to launch their new compact disc titled, Bana ke ba Mang.
The function, which will be held in partnership with the Ministry of Health, is to commemorate World Aids Day held on Tuesday.
There will be voluntary counselling and testing services for HIV as well as blood donation services on the site.
Music lovers will get a free CD of Nkesi and a compact disc from any other artist as a Christmas present, according to a flier released by BAM Promotions.
Lefoka said the festival was one way of fighting against the Aids pandemic which kills an estimated 20 000 people in Lesotho every year.
“We have partnered with the Ministry of Health to make sure that World Aids Day is celebrated (in this manner).
“There will be blood donation and testing on the site. We are targeting the youth and hoping that they will go for testing as it is important for one to know their status,” Lefoka said.
Lefoka said that this was going to be BAM Promotions’ last function this year.
“We are closing the year with this function,” he said.

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