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Abeco Tanks essential for water continuity in Lesotho

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Lesotho like other African nations is affected by extreme weather conditions and as a result suffers from water supply instability.

The country also suffers with a lack of access to drinkable water and inadequate public sanitation. The severity of this increased with the onset of Covid19.

The borders and businesses closed, everyone began working from home and the pressure on essential services increased. Medical facilities, agriculture, farming, food distribution, retail outlets selling food were all put under more pressure to care for the population and with everyone being encouraged to wash their hands as frequently as possible water became indispensable for hygiene and sanitation.

Fortunately, over 35 years ago the late Mannie Ramos Snr had the insight to see and understand that African countries & other countries in the world would experience a shortage of water supply. He started Abeco Tanks as he wanted to provide a solution to this problem.

Abeco Tanks manufactures and supplies stainless-steel water storage tanks to over 35 countries world-wide and Lesotho is one of those countries.

These tanks are constructed of the best quality steel but water pressure can cause steel to buckle. Abeco Tanks therefore puts stainless-steel through a cold-working process producing yield stress drawing quality steel and as a result their water tanks can hold up to 50 million litres of water.

The tanks are easy to erect as they are modular in design. They are built using separate stainless-steel plates, bolts and nuts of high tensile grade, non-toxic and non-tainting rubber components and sealants and internal bracing made of angle iron. All of the components are such that they do not taint the water inside.

The stainless-steel is dipped in molten zinc to strengthen the steel and prevent corrosion over time. This hot-dip galvanisation of the steel is considered superior in terms of the life-cycle of the product.

The water stored inside the tanks is also protected as no light can penetrate through the stainless steel. The water remains algae and bacteria free and is hygienic drinkable water.

As the separate parts of the tanks are light-weight they are easy to transport to any location.

No heavy complicated machinery is needed either as they are easy to assemble.

These water tanks have been a life-saver throughout the pandemic as they are a source of water supply to essential services when water supply is interrupted. They are also a gift to the people living in the rural communities as they can be installed in their immediate areas eliminating the need to walk for hours every day to collect water.

Farming in the rural areas became extremely important for the supply of food. The water tanks ensured they had constant water supply for irrigation of crops and for livestock.


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How do you choose the right water tank for your needs?

The Abeco water tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the one you choose will depend on the average water consumption per day and the size of the area the water tank will be installed in.

The tank options include different shapes like rectangular, round, oblong, U-shaped, L-shaped or custom made.

Due to the advanced engineering technology of Abeco Tanks they are able to manufacture any size tank to fit any area. Their largest tanks hold up to 50 million litres of water.


Choose the right water tank company

Purchasing a water tank is a long-term investment and the manufacturing company chosen to install the tank needs to have an excellent reputation for: supplying a high-quality product for excellent customer service during and after installation. It is important that they are around for the long haul.


Why choose Abeco Tanks?

The company has been supplying stainless-steel water tanks for over 35 years. Their combination of safety standards, precision engineering and quality manufacturing makes them an excellent choice.

Their manufacturing process ensures that their tanks are extremely strong, need little maintenance and have a lifespan that is long. They are stronger than plastic water tanks that corrode and their maintenance costs are not as high as for concrete reservoirs which crack.

They are ideal for saving water that is clean and hygienic perfect for drinking, industrial and agriculture water supply.

All of their water tanks are protected with a warranty giving peace of mind to the purchaser.

Mannie Ramos Jnr the COO of Abeco Tanks believes that everyone should be actively saving water. It should be the mindset of all to save water through the rainy season. Wasting water is at an end. It is now the most important commodity and currency in Africa.

Selecting a provider with the knowledge to select the ideal water tank solution and the ability to ensure that the tanks are installed professionally by a knowledgeable team is imperative.



It is the rights of all to have access to hygienic clean water. The Abeco tanks are a cost-effective and perfect solution to any water scarcity.


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