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ABC youths take on ANC over jobs

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — The president of the main opposition All Basotho Convention (ABC) youth league says Basotho students studying in South Africa should be allowed to get internships there.

Libe Moremoholo said the ABC youth league had engaged their counterparts at the African National Congress (ANC) to push for the change.

Moremoholo said the youth league was not happy with South African companies for failing to grant internships to Basotho students studying in that country.

“Many Basotho students spend a bigger part of their lives studying in South African universities and colleges. They also spend large chunks of money while doing it.

“However, when they finish studying South African companies do not give them internships. Instead, they are forced to come back to Lesotho where most companies’ requirements do not suit their qualifications,” Moremoholo said.

He said the youth league was concerned with the plight of Basotho students studying at South African universities and colleges.

Moremoholo said the party believed that the ANC youth league had the muscle to effect favourable changes for Basotho students.

“Basotho students studying in South Africa are faced with so many challenges which Lesotho is seemingly unwilling to tackle.

“We believe the ANC youth league can help us to effectively deal with these problems,” Moremoholo said.

Moremoholo said there was no point in sending students to South Africa for a better education if they do not reap any benefits from the neighbouring country.

“If Lesotho sponsors students to study and live in South Africa, why can’t they have their internships there? What is the point of spending money in that country?” Moremoholo said.

Moremoholo further said that the ABC youth league would be working with youth organisations and student representative committees in colleges and universities to sort out problems caused by the National Development Manpower.

“The NDMS always delays in paying students their allowances. This frustrates SRCs (Students Representative Councils).

“The ABC youth committee has already requested a meeting with Manpower to discuss the matter and find solutions,” Moremoholo said. 

He said controversial ANC youth league president will be visiting Lesotho soon but refused to divulge the exact dates.

He however hinted that the league was planning to invite the ANC youth leaders to the ABC’s third anniversary celebrations in October.

Despite the cloud of controversy surrounding Malema, especially where his public conduct is concerned, Moremoholo described him as a dynamic and professional character.

“Malema is a good person and a reflection of what youths should be. He is also focused on the ideology of the ANC and its youth league,” Moremoholo said.

He said the ABC youth league wanted to strengthen relations with the ANC youth league ahead of local government and national elections.

“We need to mobilise support from youth leagues locally and encourage them to vote along ABC in order to unseat the LCD,” Moremoholo said.

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