A very silly MP

When young Teboho Let’sela stumbled into a plum position as the MP for Hololo at the tender age of 23 in 2009 Scrutator silently doubted that he was up to the task.

Here was a boy who had barely mastered the tricky technique of wearing his pants without leaning against the walls being thrust into the deep-end of national politics.

Here was a boy who had not even learnt to manage his own pocket money being tasked to manage the affairs of a political constituency with thousands of people who had mountains of problems to be sorted.

He was a mere lad struggling to make sense of both his life and studies.

As far as life was concerned Let’sela was still in kindergarten.

Yet by some wisdom or lack of it someone in the Lesotho Confusion for Democracy (LCD) decided that the boy should enter parliament.

The Hololo villagers obliged because as far as they are concerned they were voting for the LCD.

You see, the people in the villages will vote for the LCD whether the party’s candidate is a cow, a pig, a monkey or a goat.

So blind is their loyalty that even if the LCD announces that it has found a baboon to represent a constituency in an election the people will still vote for it.

Even if the LCD brings a donkey to a rally, wraps it in party colours and announce that it is their candidate the villagers will ululate, dip their fingers into the ink and stick them against the eagle symbol on the ballot paper.

That’s just how it is.

In Let’sela, the LCD brought a teenager who hadn’t even passed the “wet dream” phase of his life and the people voted him into office.

Someone must have reminded the LCD elders that a silly boy remains a silly boy even if you give him a M21 000 monthly salary.

So soon, little Let’sela started behaving like the boy that he is.

It wasn’t long before he discovered the “richness” of the word b***h.

He started brandishing it to threaten every woman who dared cross his path.

Assistant Home Affairs Minister Lineo Molise-Mabusela crossed his path and she was handed the b***h title sooner than she could say ache.

And when she tried to protest and fight back her mother too was insulted with some unprintable words.

Scrutator hears that a few more women have been at the receiving end of Let’sela’s diatribes.

The little boy called Let’sela was on a roll, no one could stop him.

Then last week, perhaps tired of keeping his insults local, little Let’sela took his shenanigans overseas.

Courtesy of Facebook Let’sela found Moliehi Raditapole, the former Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) manager, who is now based in Canada.

On September 6 Raditapole became the latest victim of Let’sela’s verbal diarrhoea.

Apparently the young MP was still nursing an old grudge that started when he was still a student at CAS.

“You are a b***t, a cheap one and very cruel,” the ill-mannered Let’sela screamed in a post so laden with spelling mistakes that even the reporters at that other weekly notorious for butchering the Queen’s language will turn green with envy.

Let’sela concluded his post by telling the poor woman to go to hell.

Scrutator has no qualms with the boy’s passion for the word b***h.

It is his right to choose words that he thinks define and complete him.

But to throw those debasing words at a woman is deplorable.

The LCD elders must take that boy, pull down his pants and give him a through spanking on the bottoms (he has grown a bit of those since he started earning his ill-deserved MP salary).

They must use a very short stick.

After that they must pinch his chubby chicks and talk some sense into his head.

The boy is becoming too big for his boots.

His wings must be clipped and his long tail cut before he gets the courage to do worse things.

If that troubled party does not discipline their delinquent boy soon, then Scrutator will step in.

Let’sela, whether people call you a Ntate, MP, Moholo or whatever the bottom line is that you are just a son who has to respect his elders.

If that fat salary is making you screwy share it with poor people in Hololo.

While at it, the LCD must stop this nauseating business of rewarding mediocrity under the guise of empowering the youth.

Boys like Let’sela should be nowhere near parliament until they learn to put their mind into gear before they speak.

Kids must be left to learn life before they are thrust into positions of responsibility.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lastly, Scrutator is yet to understand why one of the factions in the LCD has not formed a splinter party yet.

Could it be that the leaders of those factions know that despite their pretenses they lack real support?

Scrutator thinks that some of those people are just overrated pretenders that survive on renting mobs.

And why are those two ministers said to be leading the factions still trying to pretend that they know nothing about the factions?

Bo-Ntate, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Ambition is what gets people up the ranks.

Stand up and tell the leader that you want his position.

Tell him that you too deserve a chance to rule this party.

“Scrutator o batla banna ba ’Mankhonthe, eseng bashemane.”


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