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A-MOSS comes to Maseru

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

CAFÉ What will tomorrow host Lesotho’s debut edition of the famed A Market of Some Sort (A-MOSS) event.

The event has previously been held thrice in South Africa at places like Moyo Zoo Lake, Roving Bantu Kitchen & Treks and at the Unknown Union (all in Johannesburg).

Musician Sneiman, who is one of the organisers told the Weekender this week that the event would afford artistes a platform to showcase their craft.

He said A-MOSS fused music, culture, food, fashion and arts. He added that showcase would replicate African culture through different mediums of art.

“As a platform of arts and culture, we value cultural heritage and its respective traditions and through this platform, we promote African culture, both in modern and traditional aspects,” Sneiman said.

“This market showcases live art, live music, traditional and modern arts, live poetry, food, fashion, photography and videography.”

He said the show was carefully packaged with artistic content that is suitable for people of all ages.

Sneiman said during an A-MOSS show, guests can buy merchandise that is being exhibited or arrange for later purchases.

The A-MOSS website is intended to serve as a complete e commerce platform where people can buy items they saw and liked during the shows.

“This makes AMOSS more than just a typical market, it is both a live and an online market that is not limited to a specific location; it moves about art spaces wherever they are situated in the name of preserving African heritage.”

Live music will be provided by Kommanda Obbs, Pitso Rah Makhula and Origin, Mapule, Thumane, Sneiman and Bosco Afreeca while arts exhibitions will be presented by ArtXchange, 54 AlvinLesoli, TumeloMosoeu.

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