A brush with fate



She can’t keep away from trouble, this girl we call Savannah. Yet what one “artist” did to her was so wrong too!

Each time I remember what that lady did to her last weekend, my stomach turns in disgust.

Savannah is beautiful, I have told you before. Her cherry red lips and bright smile belie the tempest that boils within this child.

Each time she leaves home on a Friday, her mother, ‘MaSavannah, crosses her arms, raises her shoulders and draws in a deep breath. She knows that her daughter will start a brawl somewhere.

And start a brawl she did on Saturday. Yours truly was there to witness.

It all started when Savannah took a liking to a man dancing in one corner of the dance-floor. He was in the company of a so-so looking dame. Savannah thought she could pull off her trusted “Venus flytrap” manoeuvre. Essentially, with this one, a long enough embrace in her ample bust and a man will not want to leave her arms.  Bacchus has not received one of these so do not ask him what goes on during that long hug.

Anyway, so Savannah waits for the owner of the man to go to the toilet. As soon as the poor lady starts to walk, our beautiful friend steps up to the man and greets him like a long lost friend. She stretches out her arms and all the men in the bar cast down their eyes in sympathy for this fly who is about to fall in the trap.  He obliges and gets the legendary embrace.

As fate would have it, the owner of the man takes a bit of time to answer nature’s call in the loo. Savannah wastes no time in telling the man that she wants to talk to him and he can find her outside.

The bloke decides it a chance worth exploring. He slips outside with Savannah for a little chat.

Unbeknown to him, this little exchange takes place in full view of his first lady.

The lady is seen to go back to the loo by all except these two lusty creatures.

As Savannah walks out of the club with her new catch, she feels something like a brush stroke run down the back of  her beautiful black dress.

She looks back and sees her new boyfriend’s girl standing –– eyes glaring, veins bulging and toilet brush in hand.

The girl then shoves the brownish brush right into Savannah’s mouth, with our naughty girl too shocked to react.

“Now you can go and kiss her,” girlfriend tells an equally shocked man.

At that point, she takes the brush back  to the toilet and returns to her seat like nothing has happened. Savannah knows that she has so many enemies in this bar that she dare not think about retaliating.

The disputed bloke has no choice but to return to his dame, who has clearly shown that she comes from the school of hard-knocks.

One cannot be sure about these things, but Bacchus thinks Savannah will find it not so easy to land a catch, at least not in this bar. Not after her brush with fate.

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