9-year old DJ entices Cappello


Mamohlakola Letuka

BAFOKENG Mahao, could easily pass for just another nine-year-old but he has a special story to tell.

While he may still deceive you as just another coy or playful boy still in primary school, he is already signed to Loud Sound record label where his skills are being horned.

If his performance at Cappello Lesotho, at the Maseru Mall, last weekend is anything to go by, then the country may have produced a wonder kid.

The audiences at the gig were initially shocked and swamped the DJ box to take a closer look but ended up feeding off his palm as he unleashed his dance mixes.

That his set was a surprise act enhanced the response but the boy, who now proudly goes by the name DJ Baff Jnr did justice to the opportunity he was given.

Initially, he played laid-back jams but eventually ushered the audience into a dance groove.

According to his parents, who attended the gig with him, DJ Baff Jnr joined Loud Sounds when in 2016 at seven years old but attests, as long as he remembers he has always loved the trade.

He has already played at some of the biggest shows in the country such as Summa Fest and the Maletsunyane Braai Festival.

“I have always loved being a DJ,” DJ Baff Jnr said.

“I first performed in front of the audience two years ago, I was seven then.”

He said he has learnt to balance his school with his craft and ensures that he never plays during weekdays.

“I do not practice during weekdays, I have to focus on my education.”

When his parents realised that his love for the turn tables was more than a hobby that he would easily grow out of, they then bought him a complete sound set.

Loud Sound representative, Rethabile Lerotholi, said the nine-year old begged to be enlisted onto their books.

“He literally begged to shadow us and learn, so we took him under our wing,” Lerotholi said.

They eventually agreed because it fell within their scope to develop talent.

“99 percent of the DJs under our label are from Ha Tsosane where we develop raw talent.”

Lerotholi said they are cautious of the venues where their young artistes play which is why they allowed DJ Baff Jnr Cappello.

The party was held in celebration of the birthday of DJ Baff’s cousin, DJ Keshy.

“They are young and we need to build their brands by associating them with places like this one.”

He added that the party was only the pilot, since they would also host other gigs in the districts starting with Leribe English Medium School.

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