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Makhakhe’s shenanigan


he next time you meet Kubutu Makhakhe, the principal secretary for administration in the prime minister’s office, remember to look out for a mischievous grin on his face.

And if you live in his neighbourhood you better buy yourself some ear-blockers if you don’t want his loud laughter to damage your ears.

Also, watch out for the mother-of-all shindigs he is likely to throw at his house in the next few weeks.

Makhakhe has every reason to laugh out loud, throw a big party and put a grin from ear to ear. 

After all, he is the man who has shown us that you can pee on government’s procurement regulations and butcher ethics but still remain a senior civil servant.

He has shown that in this government even if you are caught with your calloused fingers deep in the cookie jar you can still keep your job and the fat benefits that comes with it.

Makhakhe has a written judgment to show that there are times when a “guilty verdict” is not worth worrying about. 

If there is a judgment that is not even worth the paper it is printed on then it’s the one that Makhakhe got last week.


or those not yet in the know Makhakhe is the man who was last week found guilty of approving the payment of invoices from companies linked to his wife.

All in all he was found guilty of seven of the 10 charges he was facing.

The disciplinary panel said Makhakhe was guilty of negligence and bringing the public service into disrepute.

It said Makhakhe had failed to lead by example and serve the “lawful interests” of Basotho with respect.

Makhakhe had failed to be impartial in his capacity as a senior government official, the judgment delivered last Wednesday said.

If you read the judgment you would think that its logical conclusion would be to recommend that Makhakhe be booted out of his job.

But things don’t work that way in Lesotho.

The judgment recommends that instead of being fired from the civil service for such disgraceful shenanigans Makhakhe should be rewarded with another government post that does not deal with procurement.

The obvious logic here is that Makhakhe’s reputation is now so tainted that he cannot be trusted to be anywhere near government monies.

Yet the panel said the man must still be given another job in government.

Holy dung!


akhakhe might be laughing out loud but Scrutator is far from being impressed by that charade of a judgment.

In fact, she is seething with anger.

Those who presided over that sham of a disciplinary hearing which produced such an immoral judgment must hang their heads in disgrace.

Across the border they would have called that judgment “K*k” for there is no other decent word for it.

It is in instances like these when Scrutator doesn’t need anyone telling her to be polite.

That judgment is a monumental scandal and it stinks to high heavens.

And no one should tell me not to be judgmental and emotional about this tosh.

I cried when I read that judgment this week.

Every time Scrutator gets her tiny pay cheque tears wet her eyes because of the amount of tax she pays to the state.

She is sure everyone feels the same way.

How disgusting is it then that some panel is now saying a senior government official found guilty of such serious crimes related to government monies should not be fired.

Scrutator smells both a rat and rot here.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to notice that Makhakhe should have been fired.

The evidence against him was as clear as a goat’s behind.

The case against him was as clear as the fact that the car wash “industry” is the “fastest growing economic sector” in this country.

Makhakhe signed invoices that had his wife’s postal address and phone number.

Because of that his wife got M43 000 from Makhakhe’s department and therefore government

Only heaven knows how much money the government has lost to such scams by senior government officials. 


ut even in light of such damning evidence against him Makhakhe had the cheek to protest his innocence.

He told a local Sunday paper that he is going to appeal the judgment.

“I have to challenge the verdict because if I leave it like that it will damage my reputation,” Makhakhe said.

Oh my God!

Such audacity is shocking especially coming from a man found guilty on 70 percent of the serious charges he was facing.

The coyness of the judgment has certainly emboldened him.

Were it in other countries he could have had his fingers chopped off to teach him a lesson.

But Scrutator would not recommend such harsh punishment for the man. 

Rather, we should take a hot iron and inscribe the words “I am corrupt” on his forehead. That way, people will recognise him for what he is.

He will be the subject of church sermons.

Parents would have a point of reference when they lecture their children about the importance of being honest.

Teachers would use him as a case study.

That is the only way such people can be useful to this country.

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