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Econet upgrades network

by Lesotho Times
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… Your calls will never be the same again, communications giant vows

ECONET Telecom Lesotho is putting final touches to a new network that will dramatically change the way you communicate.

One of the most exciting benefits of the new Core network is the Voice Over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE). 

What is that?

LTE is a data-only network technology. That means all along your voice calls have been carried on either 2G or 3G networks. VoLTE changes that in a spectacular way. It allows your voice calls to be carried on the LTE network technology, which brings a host of benefits.

Superior call quality

The high quality and speed that LTE offers when you are browsing your internet. Imagine that happening to your voice call. VoLTE offers clear voice, high quality calls on both sides of the communication. The voice calls are so good that you might think that the person on the other end of the line is sitting next to you.

Better connectivity

It improves connectivity such that there will be no call cuts. It also improves coverage, which means that a customer will be able to get signal further away from a tower or in buildings, which other signals, like 2G, struggle to penetrate.

Longer battery life

A customer will also enjoy a longer lasting battery life with VOLTE.

This is possible because your voice calls will be like any other application supported by LTE.

Chief Technical Officer, Malefetsane Tlelima, calls is it a “game changer”.

So you will be able to make the same voice calls as you do on applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, except this time you will be using your native phone dialer.

“We are saying this is a revolutionary innovation that comes with the new network. And its only one of the dozen of new features that come with the new network,” says Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Lebeko Sello.

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