Youths ‘insult’ minister

MASERU — A Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) youth from Likhoele constituency in Mafeteng district has landed herself in hot water for allegedly insulting and threatening Sports Minister ’Mathabiso Lepono.

Puleng Mokhethi was arrested together with two other youths from Likhoele, Rorisang Ranchebe and Limpho Kabi for allegedly sending text messages insulting Lepono.

The three are alleged to have sent the messages to Lepono on December 14, six days before a primary election in Likhoele constituency.

They were arrested two days later but only Mokhethi was charged because it is her cellphone which was used to send the messages.

Mokhethi appeared in court on December 20 and was released on free bail.

The Lesotho Times understands that the trio sent the messages after allegations surfaced that Lepono was pushing for Khotso Letsatsi, the Water and Sewarage Authority (WASA)’s public  relations officer, to be the constituency’s candidate.

A source who spoke to the  Lesotho Times on condition of anonymity said Lepono, who has announced that she will not stand for election, had thrown her weight behind Letsatsi who is said to be a family friend.

The source said Lepono’s drivers were seen campaigning for Letsatsi using the minister’s official cars.

Letsatsi was eventually elected as Likhoele’s candidate on  December 20, beating the constituency chairman, Thabo Kheleli, by 116 to 55 votes. “The youths foresaw that Letsatsi would be nominated because of the massive campaign that was  supported by the minister,” the source said.

Mokhethi and her colleagues then wrote the text message to Lepono.

One of the text messages said Lepono should be aware that this is not the 1998 LCD primary elections when she “stole ballot papers and was declared the winner when they were returned”.

The youths also told Lepono that they wondered if she still subscribes to the LCD motto of ‘truth, justice and peace’.

They also claimed that some sewing machines donated to Basotho women by the Chinese government had gone missing in her custody.

“Have you started with your usual double-crossing?” read one of the text messages.

Mokhethi said she could not comment on her arrest because the matter is in court.

Kabi confirmed to the Lesotho Times that they wrote the messages to the minister but  said they had not “insulted her because we wrote the facts she knew with her whole heart”.

“We merely reminded her that in 1998 the ballots were stolen from where we were electing our nominee and were taken to her house where they were counted and upon being returned she was declared the winner,” Kabi said.

“We told her that this is 2012 elections and we were not going to allow what happened in 1998 to happen again,” he said.

“It was by no means an insult to remind the minister that the sewing machines went missing under her care and we were entitled to ask where she took them to.”

Kabi said he was arrested by policemen who were travelling in the sports ministry’s official car and instead of being taken to the Mafeteng police station he was brought to Maseru to join Ranchebe and Mokhethi who were already in police
holding cells.

“I asked the police to read the text messages and satisfy themselves that there were insults before they could lay any charge against us and the police agreed that there were no insults,” he said.

“We were surprised when later we learnt that Puleng Mokhethi was being charged despite that there were no insults or threats against the minister in our text messages.”

He told this paper that they got angry when they realised that because of Lepono’s influence Letsatsi was going to be nominated “despite that he was not qualified because he had not served for 36 months as an LCD member.”

“We were quite aware that he did not have 2009 records as a party member; he only had 24 months,” Mokhethi said.

“In 1998 when the ballots were stolen we allowed ourselves to be represented by someone we did not choose and now the very same person uses her influence to have an unqualified person to be nominated as our candidate.

“This should stop,” he said. Letsatsi however said he was qualified to be nominated as he had been a member of the party for at least 36 months.

“The constituency secretary has my record and I am not worried about baseless accusations from bitter people,” Letsatsi said.

Those opposing Letsatsi also complain that on nomination day he hired two kombis for his followers while others were brought in by Lepono’s official cars and the sports ministry’s vans.

“I played my part of helping them to reach the election place,” Letsatsi said, adding: “I should not be accused for doing what is right.”

Lepono told this paper yesterday that she was “very hurt” that the youths she helped to raise up were now turning against her.

The visibly sad Lepono said, with a shaking voice, that it was unfortunate that the three youngsters called her a wicked person and a thief.

“It is most painful that all allegations they levelled against me are lies,” Lepono said.

“It is a lie that in 1998 I stole constituency ballots and it is also a lie that the ballots were counted at my house,” she said.

“Concerning the missing sewing machines it is common knowledge that I invited the police to investigate a case of theft because I really did not know who stole them,” she said.

Lepono said even her daughter who is in the business of sewing in Mafeteng was investigated and the police found that her machines were not like the missing ones.

“I want these children to prove beyond reasonable doubt in court that I am treacherous and a thief.”

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33 thoughts on “Youths ‘insult’ minister

  1. concerned citizen January 5, 2012 at 9:12 am -

    this is madness, ke hona le bontsang hore liballot li utsuwe kamora nako e telele hakana leqheku lee le lutsae setulo sa bacha a tsofetse. we need some1 antsale mocha for that position. its tym for change

  2. Hela bo re thuseng mona ba tsebang ntate Letsatsi, o ntsa le mosebetsing kapa joang. I am only interested in his post ka wasa once he vacate it.

  3. Now that all is not well within them, LCD is only raising the issue of missing sewing machines now. All along they have been covering up for the old lady. Nxa!

  4. ‘Na ha hona batho bao keba ratang ba lipolotiki, ekaba batho ba bacha kapa batho ba baholo, kaofela ha bona ba khoopo, ba soele, kaha bacha ba classa batho, ha batho ba baholo ba rata nepotism. Ke ka hona ke reng ke ba nyonya kaofela hobane ba sebelisa bokhopo le bomalimabe bona boo basotho ba leng bona.

    Haele batho ba lipolotiki bona, MORENA MOLIMO o ea ba shapa hle, kaha ke lintho tse lulang li ruthana ka linako tsohle. Bokhopo bona boo ‘m’e enoa a ntseng a bo etsa ka Letsatsi eo WASA moo Mafeteng, le bona bacha bana ba ntse ba tlilo bo etsa haba ka khethoa le bona. Ke ka hona ke reng basotho ba lipolotiki ke ba nyonya kaofela ka bokhopohali bona ba bona. Ke ka hona Lesotho mona eleng ha tali moo sechaba sa basotho se iketsetsang borata hosena taolo hohang!!!

  5. Oho o bolile hle nkhono mathabiso lepono kea mo tseba. Nka tamukana ha nka bua ka eena. U bea letsatsi nale? Ba u bone. Tlohella puleng.

  6. If ‘Malepono ws also rotten, den d whole bag of LCD muz b completely rotten nw coz she ws d only one i lookd up 2 within LCD, @ her age she shud b ashamed of herself. I dnt find any insult in being told d truth especialy in a democratic country, God bless ur deeds ‘m’e!

  7. Academic Qualifications
    • Primary education Blessed Martin Depores in Killeny, Johannesburg (1951-1957)
    • Junior Certificate (JC)-St. Stephens High School / Mohale’s Hoek High School
    • She has also done some typing courses

    So, given this profile and her age(72) and weight(105kg)then surely you should have a problem distinguishing an insult from ‘tough talk’. She is the oldest and probably the ‘heaviest’ minister of sports around the world.

  8. bana batsoeroe ke toilet akere mosali moholo eo le eena ke lcd ona le tokelo ea ho bontsa tsehetso ea hae,ke utloa eka likoena tsena lipirimeletsoe joale litlilo pota mona ha bailo rekisa koana.Bona bane babatla ho khethoa ka lirope joalo kaha ele likoena joale ua utloa Lepono lee la bona ke mosali ha litsotelle ubatla banna so habaseke ba releka houa likhethong hona joale ha ilo iketoa koana batlohele hoetsa lisms

  9. @manelo. Tlohela ho pota uena hle. Basosotho ka mokhooa oo le ratang ho taoa hoseng. Ke eng ntho eeo eo u ntseng u e bua?

  10. @manelo. o bua nnete hoa iketoa ke batho bona haba sebetse ba shebile hore batlo khethoa ka lirope? liba sebelelitse hee lirope tsa bona ha bake ba tlohelle letsatsi ha a its’ebelelitse.
    haa ikhetha o khethuoe ke sechaba haeba bona ba ntse ba bula lirope ba nahanne hore tsohle litla iketsa setla ba koma skiem sa LCD

  11. Hantle ntse ke lumela hore Basotho re ntse re hloka thuto ho feta lintho tsohle. hake utloe lebaka la hore ebe motho o bona kapa o tseba tlolo ea molao feela ebe oa thola ha a e tlalehe, ebe mohla e tlileng ka ho eena ke hona areng o ne a tseba.
    Lona Bacha ting ba Mafeteng le nentse le tholetseng lesa tlalehe taba tsee tsa 1998? Ke lumela le lona tsa lona ntse litla ipetsa. Take cake!


  12. It is common knowledge that the sewing machines disappeared at your custody. So how can you convince us that you do not know where they are or who took them? It is also well known that in Lesotho people like you who think they own the country can do whatever rubbish they dim fit to do without any reprisal. What annoys me most is the fact that you want to be seen as the victim whereas you are the aggressor. Tlohella ho itlontlolla u le motenya hakana ebile u tseba hore there is no way that you can hide the mountain. Your sins will come to hound you some day.

  13. ke bona koena tsena li tletsoe ke bosoasi mmoho le nkhono’a bona tsuong ele ‘ngoe ke li ballot ke mechine.leha hole joalo lcd e jeoa lefa joalo ka molele a jele boetapele lefa, ha ba tlohele letsatsi a lo leqa.

  14. I remember someone who was not, is now a Minister, soon will not be; involved in a fraud case with a furnisher shop called Excelsuior. I am not supprised, history has a tendency of repeating itself.

  15. Academic Qualifications
    • Primary education Blessed Martin Depores in Killeny, Johannesburg (1951-1957)
    • Junior Certificate (JC)-St. Stephens High School / Mohale’s Hoek High School
    • She has also done some typing courses

    So, given this profile and her age(72) and weight(105kg)then surely you should have a problem distinguishing an insult from ‘tough talk’. She is the oldest and probably the ‘heaviest’ minister of sports around the world.

  16. The sad part about “fire extinguishers” is that they only tell the truth when the aggressor hurts them. How then can the nation trust them as a credible faction, which is worthy enough to govern the country. We will need a lot of convincing from this faction, they could maybe try by disclosing every corrupt activity they know now. They should not wait for these kind of moments to crop up.

  17. Makhabane Lerotholi January 9, 2012 at 1:28 pm -

    A relatively unknown break away party won 79 of the 80 seats. This is unbelievable. Buoang he na 1998 National elections ballot papers li balletsoe ha mang? If ke nnete Mme Lepono o khonne ho nka li-ballot paper a lo li balla ha hae, LCD e tla thibeloa ke eng hore elo balla national election ballot papers ha emong to declare themselves winners? Nna I dont have doubt in my mind that 1998 elections were rigged.

  18. Haeba basali ba khethoa ka lirope, eleng hore banna bona ba khethoa ka likooma kapa marete? Kahoo eleng hore Letsatsi o khethiloe tjee hobane a utloisitse mosali-moholo kooma? Joo! naha ea Lesotho e nyonyeha hakaakang banna! ke ka hona mesebetsing moo ho okametseng lithoto tjee kaha batho ba promotoa ka linyonyeha tse nts’ohali tsee? Phoooooaaaaaaa!

  19. This is a clear indication that Lesotho is a totalitarian state hidden behind democratic institutions. If it was a true, transparent democracy then freedom of speech would be allowed. Like any other failed African state corruption and political fraud is rife. Really sad indeed…how can one be arrested for merely voicing their opinion? That country and the rest of the other corrupt southern African states are going to the dogs!!!!

  20. Hantle how does Lepono become sports minister when she is so obese from fucking up all da sports funds. frankly as a sportsman, i dont thnk tht fat toad of an old lady has eva playd any sports n has no idea what its like for the sportsmen of ths country

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