Woman fired for criticising bosses

By Ntsebeng Motsoeli and Lineo Pene


MASERU — Lerotholi Polytechnic has fired a junior employee who criticised the college’s bosses in a phone-in programme on PC FM radio station.

Lucia Ramashamole, 53, was dismissed from her job of nine years in January after she commented on the strikes that rocked the tertiary education sector in September.

This was after she had allegedly told a local radio station that her bosses were “careless” and had run down the college.

Ramashamole was first suspended for three months in September before being sacked in January. She claims she was charged with revealing the “college’s secrets”.

Ramashamole admits she criticised her bosses but denies that her statements during the phone-in programme revealed any sensitive information about the college.

Ramashamole is now challenging her dismissal and has vowed to fight until she is reinstated.

She claims she spoke to the radio in her capacity as an executive member of the Lerotholi Polytechnic Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Union.

“I was commenting on radio on behalf of our staff union at Fokothi alongside members of staff unions from the NUL (National University of Lesotho) and the Limkokwing (University of Creative Technology,” Ramoshamole said.

The radio station had invited unions from the three colleges to comment on the strikes.

“I spoke there as an executive member of the Lerotholi Polytechnic Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Union.

“The comments I made were later used against me and I was suspended.”

Ramoshamole was suspended on September 20, 2011 soon after the radio interview.

She was then summoned for a disciplinary hearing where she was charged with revealing college secrets, theft, and attempted theft.

She says she could not attend the hearing because she had an appointment with her doctor.

When she brought the sick leave note to prove that she had been to a doctor a member of the disciplinary committee did not believe her.

“I was shocked when one member of the disciplinary committee went behind my back to seek the authenticity of my sick leave.

“I felt disrespected and humiliated when they asked for my medical booklet to see what I was suffering from.

“But of course I refused because those are very confidential documents they were asking for,” she added.

That was followed by a series of hearings and eventually she was found guilty of all counts.

Ramoshamole was dismissed and ordered to vacate the school’s house.

She however managed to get a court order interdicting her eviction. Her appeal is yet to be heard.

“No one has a right to fire me.

“What I said on the radio was not from me as an individual but the concerns of the union.

“They should be fighting the union not me as a person.

“I want my job back.”

The college’s rector, Tsietsi Lebakae, was said to be “too busy” to comment.

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20 thoughts on “Woman fired for criticising bosses

  1. Senior Lecturer March 1, 2012 at 4:30 am -

    Mookameli oa Sekolo o rata ho patala hampe, nyeoe li mo hlola mehlaena. Ekare e kabe e le nna. NUL want to sack 12 Lecturers, LUCT want to dismiss 5 Lecturers.

  2. Lebakae ke mathata feela. Esale a re o haha information and computer technology centre,selemo se felile e SA tsoele pele.

  3. It is incumbent upon mangers in different organisations to run those organisation inline with good practices. This is to save embarrassment to the said organisations. In case one might have missed something (probably because one is an outsider), this institution seems to be run on emotions/sentiments/feelings/lust. In the case of Lerotholi, one wonders whether it is run by amateurs or people who just don’t care. One finds it hard to believe that someone could be dismissed for words. Words are said to be only what they say, and the feeling conveyed differs from one person to the other. Amateurs are very sensitive to words whereas professionals regard words as tool to destroy fools, but if well utilised they can be a very effective tool.
    Lesotho is democratic country. It embraces the controversial freedom of speech, organisation etc. Then why should Lerotholi management stoop as low as to disregard its most precious resource (staff member). Does it want chaos at all material times? The staff member is a part of Lerotholi. Chaos is part and parcel of dynamic organisations. Hang on Lerotholi…but be warned.

  4. Hm! who said there is democracy in Africa? What do Africans know about democracy? Even that RSA calling itself a democratic country, isn’t practising it. If you talk too much, you like commenting on media, online or so, you do it at your own risk because Africans are always offended. Recently, RSA govt ammended the law prohibiting media or journalists to publishing the most senior officials’ information saying its confidential including issue of corruption and the related info. I made example with RSA coz most people think RSA is perfect whilst its not.

    So, Lesotho had never been a democratic country, we don’t have that freedom of speech here, you know it. We can’t just be able to confront our leaders, employers or even our bosses in the workplace. We can’t even show them their mistakes as they think they are always right, they think they are perfect. So, if you are brave enough to criticise them, you know it that they will victimise you, as it’s part of bad habit or culture of basotho to intimidate others. Basotho are the most cruel society in the world, they are so wicked. Its possible that you will be mistreated after being reinstated. I know this wicked nation. Basotho are always bitter and they hate each other. Even in govt service, basotho are so cruel, have hatred amongst themselves, let alone basotho in the private sectors, they can easily fire you without valid reasons. That’s the reason Lesotho is the most poorest country in the world that can’t be developed by this wicked people. After 45 years of independence, Lesotho still lagged behind after Botswana and Swaziland that are far more developed compared to undeveloped Lesotho. Jealousy, hatred and wickedness pulled this filthy country behind. Shame on you poor basotho!!!!

  5. Ntate Pakalitha ke kopela khaitseli ea hau mohau ke eo ka Lerotholi. Ke hopola hore ke pusong ea hau re boneng ha lia-le-moea tse ikemetseng li hlahella ka bongata ebile ho buleloa batho hore ba bue ntle ho hore ba tsosoe, ka thlekefetso kapa koeoko. Joale ka moo ka Lerotholi ha u sa raha monna moo a ke a e namole Mofokeng? Ke qella mme eo mohau hle ntate. Freedom of speech, kapa e bolelang na?

  6. Helang bathong ba Molimo! Hone ho thoe Ramashamole a reng, o li buile hantle litaba tsa Lerotholi. Bona hang ha ba qeta ho o tebela hore na ho etsahetseng ka moo ka sekolong hona boliseng ba Ntate Lebakae.

  7. le bona basebetsi bana ba ke ba etse licomments with caution, o tlas utloa motho a pota a sena le tsebo e lekaneng ea melao joale a se a phapharetsa a mathela lingakeng ho batla li-sick leave. Motho ea 53 o lokela ho beha lelapa la hae pele ho li union, a hahamalle pele a sebeletse nnete feela. joale o se a matha between lawyer’s office and courts.

  8. thats Lebakae right there, too busy to comment , im not surprised. Management of LP is a shame!!

  9. Uena Ramashamole, o nne o mamele basotho ba ntseng ba o phooqa ka hore u etse comments tse sa u tlamang ka letho liradiong! Kea u tiisetsa u tla lula u lapile kahara ntlo ea hau u le mong, bo shoahle bana ba ntseng ba re u buoe feela, bona ba se ba emeletse thoko mane, ba bolelisaka kamoo bona ba sebeletsang bana ba bona, ha uena u le tsietsing u felletsoe ke mosebetsi. Habo mohale ho pheloa ka mamina. Bona haba buoe kengbggg

  10. Uena Ramashamole, o nne o mamele basotho ba ntseng ba o phooqa ka hore u etse comments tse sa u tlamang ka letho liradiong! Kea u tiisetsa u tla lula u lapile kahara ntlo ea hau u le mong, bo shoahle bana ba ntseng ba re u buoe feela, bona ba se ba emeletse thoko mane, ba bolelisaka kamoo bona ba sebeletsang bana ba bona, ha uena u le tsietsing u felletsoe ke mosebetsi. Habo mohale ho pheloa ka mamina. Bona haba buoe keng? Basotho ke bo ts’epe tsa seisa none. Basotho ke bo mothepane noha ea mabitla. Tlohellang ho lahloa ke basotho ba linoha hobane le tla sotleha. Lebakae leha ba ka ba ba mo rohaka interneteng mona, o na le matla a ho nka liqeto sekolong sa Fokothi, hase banna le basali bana ba ntseng ba rohakana mona ba etsang liqeto ka fokothi, ‘me ba keke ba u thusa ka letho uena Ramashamole, ho teng ba tla u phoqa. Ha ke utloe hore na ha mosebetsi oa hau ele ho fiela ka Fokothi, u ne u kena kenana le management ea sekolo ka life u le ‘malefielo? Kannete u ea iphoqa haeba u nahana hore u tla ba teng taolong ea sekolo fela u fiela. Hona union eo e okametsoe ke uena joang na mosali? Che, hee, lea iphoqa basotho hleng!

    Ha hona le ka mohla u tla iphumana u lekana le Lebakae ka boemo mosebetsing, ‘me kea u tiisetsa u keke oa pheha khang le eena le khale. E tla lula ele eena ea nkang liqeto tsa mosebetsi ka uena Ramashamole. Haesitana le mosebetsi ea in senior position a keke a pheha khang le mookameli oa organisation, ebe uena u fiela, u nahana hore u mang uena? Basotho le qetoa ke ho tella batho ba bang mesebetsing Lesotho mona joalokaha eka haba na tokelo ea ho okamela mesebetsing ea naha. Joale, o u rutile hee Lebakae hore ha le lekane mosebetsing. Ehlile ho joalo, batho haba lekane bophelong mona, kahoo, le mesebetsing batho ba keke ba lekana le khale. Tlohela ho tella baokameli ba hau mosebetsing hoba joale u tla lula u matha le liakhente hore ba u loanele u etsoe reinstate, eo le eona e nang le mathata hoba u tlilo sebetsa habohloko. Lebakae o na le ba mookametseng ts’ebetsong, moo eleng teng feela moo a ka fanang ka lireport tsa sekolo, eseng uena, hase uena eaka mo botsang ka boemo ba sekolo. U le mang joale uena? Aku shebane le tsa ho hloekisa sekolong moo. Hee, le ratile basali ba fielang liofising ho sebelisoa hampe ke batho ba nahanang hore ba bohlale.

  11. @Mpiletso. U mo eletsa hantle. H’a phehisa mookameli khang o tla ja papa ka hlohoan’a nonyana ale mong. Batho ba tla mo liela ebe bare hee Ramashamole o masepa, ha mosebetsi o fela ebe bare re tlohile re ‘mone oa phapha. Mpiletso ke u ratela ho eletsa ele ka ‘nete ‘me ‘u r darling 2b kissed’. Ha re bueng ka sick leave, hoba e re qabanya le bookameli kamehla. Na tokomane e ‘sick leave’ ke litaelo ho mohiri kapa ke tlhokomeliso ho mohiri ka bokulo ba mohiruoa? Ke cho hobane batho ha ba entse semoko, ba tahiloe, ba ena le mabaka kapa ba tsoafa ho tla mosebetsing batla ka sick leave. Hangata motho oa sick leave ea bolotsana o bohale ha ho buoa ka eona kapa ho etsoa ts’alo-morao ea litaba tseo. Oa sick leave ea ‘nete ha ana mathata leha ho etsoa ts’alo-morao. Ramashamole u fumane mosebetsi oa ho fiela ebile eka nna eaba ka bobolu, etsa mosebetsi oa hau khaohana le management. Mamela boeletsi ba Mpiletso hoba u tla matha makhotla chelete ea lefielo e tla fela.

  12. @Makunyapane hantle o motho ea lemong le Mpiletso se ke oa relahla ka mmele dammit.O emong oa mahlasipa a Lebakae ka koae ke utloa letaba tsa hao feela.

  13. @ shamz ke bona eka u noa u sa ja. Ha ke tsehetsa maikutlo a Mpiletso o re ke motho a le mong le eena. Ke uena ea lahlang batho ‘me ba keke ba u mamela.

  14. @ Makunyapane buoa maikutlo a hao se ke oa iketsa ntho etlatsang hohle mona,le hona o tlatsa ka buka kaofeela mochalla ke oena.O tlameha o tonyetsoe bitso lebe ke seromo.

  15. @shamz haho letho le u tlamang ho bala litaba tsa ka. Ha ke hloke ho communicata le uena. Kaha ua nthoha khaohana le ‘na hammoho le litaba tsa ka. Ha ke thaka hau joale bala litaba tsa LESOTHO TIMES u hlahise maikutlo ho tsona. Etsoa litabeng tsa rona le Mpiletso. U tlameha u jooa marete joale u nahana hore ke ts’oana le uena, ha ke setabane. Kea kholoa Lebakae o u ja marete ke mokhoa ona u tsebang hore hona le mahlasipa a hae ka koae. Leha ke tonyetsoe u keke ua nthusa ka letho hoba ha ke je banna empa haeba u mosali teng nka u etsetsa liepe-epe tsa matlharantlheng u ka ntebala khale ngoan’aka. KHAOHANA LE ‘NA!!!

  16. Lebakae o hlalefetse tsa sa reng ntlhalefele.Bana ba ba2 ba ntse ba shoa mono empa o nka taba tsa teng ha nyane empa Mosebetsi eena ha a buoa ka litaba tsa sekolo sena se BOLILENG o phakisa a matha makhotla.Sis hee o itshoere hampe monna enoa

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