Welcome to Sin City

THE rains have been late to come this year but Scrutator hears that Maqalika Dam is almost overflowing.

Not with water but with the saliva of men who were drooling at the sight of naked women who attended a “beach party” at the dam on Saturday night.

You might as well add that there is a bit of semen too in that water. Perverts had a time of their life on that night.

Those who attended the riverbank shindig say they saw Sodom and Gomorrah scenes.

If you are one of those perverted characters and you missed this “bitching party” then you need not kick yourself too hard for more such parties are in the pipeline.

Your dream too will soon come true.

Eyewitnesses, who might as well have been participants too, tell Scrutator that they have never seen so much cellulite and so many potbellies in one place.

They say there were young girls with breasts so “deflated” you would be forgiven for thinking they had just been suckled by a dozen of hungry babies.

The informers or perverts say they were startled by the brazen display of flesh at the “beach party”. Young girls who were supposed to be snoring in their beds were so drunk that they saw no reason to keep their clothes on. There were men whose underwears were bulging.

Sickening, isn’t it?

The informers tell Scrutator that there were also little girls who had clearly confused underwears for bikinis.

Some simply decided it was prudent to dance and get drunk in their birth suits.

Oh, before I forget, there were also fathers and mothers at that party.


hen they got tired of having their jamboree near the dam some in the uncultured crowd moved to the main road where they blocked traffic with their naked bodies.

There they spat out insults at motorists whose only mistake was to want to use a road that had been turned into a striptease venue.

But who can blame those partygoers for going bonkers? The idea of a party on a beach is likely to trigger crazy ideas in a person whose only acquaintance with a beach is through the TV or stories from those who have been there.

The organisers were indeed innovative.

This, by the way, is what we call “innovation” in Lesotho. Phew!


linkered and unexposed, we jump at anything that sounds like a new idea. Scrutator has no doubt that most of those people who were dancing on the banks of that dirty dam in a drunken stupor cannot even swim in a tub. Oops, some have never seen a tub in their lives.

Most of them have never been to a beach.

So you can understand why most of them simply lost their minds. They had every reason to be nutty for in their minds they were at a beach in Mauritius and anyone who told them otherwise was simply being jealous.

After enduring the scotching heat of Maseru the partygoers had found an excuse to be naked and drunk at the same time. For a long time they were drunk first and then naked later.

Scrutator has no problems with people who like drinking beer while nude but she just cannot understand at what point this habit became a theme for a public event.

And why should people who cannot swim be allowed to play Russian Roulette with their lives by drinking beer on the banks of a dam.

Scrutator suspects that the real purpose behind this so-called beach party was to provide a platform for unbridled fornication. She can bet her last penny that there was fornication galore at that party.

Those who attend innocent parties know that they are held by fully clothed people. On that Saturday night unwanted babies were made and diseases spread.

It’s tempting to blame the youths of this country for being delinquent and reckless to partake in such things.

But look closer and you realise the youths are a victim of a society that is fast running out of morals.


his is what happens in a country where fornication is a national sport. When elders pride themselves in having casual sex the young ones follow suit.

The young ones are merely perpetuating a cultural trend perfected by their elders.

Even a few days before that Maqalika “bitching party” Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili told a gathering to commemorate the World Aids Day that Lesotho seems to have accepted the dubious distinction of being a country of fornicators.

It is neither an exaggeration nor a malicious statement to say that we are a country of “bed hopers”.

We really like having “IT” in this country and we don’t seem to care about the consequences. We think it’s funny when we reject condoms as some little plastic inconvenience that interferes with “real pleasure”. The result, of course, is that we are

dying like flies.


andid as Mosisili’s words might sound it would have been better if his government started taking responsibility for the fornication amongst our youths.

After all, it is his government that has created a situation where beer, sex and drugs are the only forms of entertainment for the youths of this country.

Lesotho is so boring that it makes our young people horny and thirsty.

What else can the youths do in a country where there are no recreational facilities?

There are no basketball courts, swimming pools or football pitches that can keep our youths away from dangerous behaviour.

Radio Lesotho is numbingly boring while TV Lesotho is toxic. There are just no extra curricula activities in our villages and the government does not seem interested in establishing any.

There are no sporting facilities in our schools. There are no play areas for kids, not even swings and slides.

But the so-called youth ministry stands by akimbo.

The only time you remember that it exists is when you see that sister minister dancing at functions.

She is certainly not shy to take to the dance floor when the music touches her heart. Her dance moves might not be the best but she really tries hard.

Scrutator has however always wondered why if she likes dancing so much she does not fund dancing clubs for the youths.

Why doesn’t she display the same zeal she shows on the dance floor when it comes to doing something for the youths?

If Mosisili wants to understand why our youths are sleeping around he must first ask what the government has done to keep them away from such mischief.

Until the government deals with the youths’ idle minds he can complain about youths sleeping around until donkeys have horns but they will not stop.

A luta continua: The youth are marching to the beds, cars, bushes and dams to have sex. Ache!

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to Sin City

  1. Thoughts Provoking December 8, 2011 at 2:05 am -

    Indeed, what else is there to placate our boredom? The only thing my parents told was “ha ke ne ke hola ke ne ke sa etse lintho use tjena,” hence never took the time to realize that this is the 21st century and that the cultural factors that existed during their childhood are no longer adequately applicable in the 21 st century.

    Nowadays, my village elders insist that there should be village run projects intended to restrain youth from drinking alcohol, having sex, and taking drugs. Guess what projects come into their mind? Temo ea meroho, ho rue likhoho tsa mahe etc. Ka nako ee ea li-internet, smartphones ke mocha ofe ea ka eang masimong?

    Kind Regards,
    Thoughts Provoking

  2. What is the issue here? Is it that people attended a nudist party at a dam? What has it got to do with people not being able to swim since you say there is no water? How can you call people perverts what crime have they actually committed? Why is it that they have not been arrested? As far as I am concerned the police should go and arrest the real criminals those who are going around stealing from old people at post offices.

    When they mock us South Africans say why does Lesotho need a navy? you have to realise that unless you are wealthy most people will die before they see the sea.

    It has nothing to do with politics

  3. Scru,

    Get real! You are over reacting! There is absolutely nothing wrong with display of your body when drinking at a beach party. By the way there is a beach at Maqalika if we appreciate what a beach is! Look, we have whites in bikinis on beaches all over the place, nudist beaches, nude rugby, art, et al! This article gives me an impression you are due for a Christmas break! Let people have fun! Choices please! By the way, I enjoy your column. This one YAWN! Greeetings of the season!

  4. Scru, there is nothing with people enjoying themselves the way they want to. Why do you always take the moral high ground anyway?

  5. Scru you are always spot on!

    No wonder there’s such a high hiv prevalence in this country. Especially among young peopl. this society is so oversexualised it’s sickening.

  6. The saying ‘Ba filoe mahlo ho bona empa ha ba bont’sise, litsebe ho utloa empa ha ba utloisise, le kelello ho elelloa, empa ha ba elellisoe comes very close to port.Why should people go out of their way to dfend rubbish? Could it be because they are barren (linyopa le mahaole) and their children were not there? Which parent with at least half a spoon-full of grey matter between their ears would appreciate her 17 year old becoming an addict of both sex and alchohol? Why do we have to deprive the elderly pensioners of their old age pension by using it to bring up bastards (likhohloana) born out of instances such as the subject one?

    I have no issues with the internet.I am a daily user. I do however,have trouble if it is used as a ‘manual for sex’ by some teenagers who in large numbers are inreasingly becoming HIV positive. Certain values remain valid, irrespective of societal developments. This moral debauchery is nothing short of SATANISM. I too heard about the shit at Maqalika that is being hopelessly defended by some in our midst. Is it because Scru is raising it? Modernisation without morals is diabolical.

    Moshoeshoe tsoha, u tsose le Makoanyane, masepa a re atetse.

  7. There was nothing wrong with the beach party. Yes during the day ppl were dressed in bikkinis nd sexy pants bt later thew gt into decent clothes. It was lyk any other bash or party u wld go to. Ppl always get drunk at parties, why shld this be such a big issue?

    I think u guys shld have gond there nd witness what realy went on

  8. Can you please stop calling it ‘beach party’ cause there is no beach in Lesotho, and will never be.
    And I don’t get it why people attack Scrutator while infact what she is saying is true. I don’t get it why people should go around naked and drunk at the banks and most shamefully on the road. Youths of this country should be focusing on more profitable things, not making babies and transmiting deseases when they are drunk.
    Yes, people should enjoy themselves but responsibly, if I want to watch porn I download it and I prefer it from more experienced people not from drunk pervets on the banks of the dam!!!
    People get real.

  9. Hai!What else can we do? We drink and party naked or not. What does this have to do with HIV? We need strip clubs in Lesotho.

  10. SEX ALCOHOL DRUGS = FUCKING AROUND = HIV/AIDS + HIV/AIDS. Le tlilo nyela lona bo mma-libikini. Ke se ntse ke le rekela maleiri meleko ting.

  11. a beach is a geological landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea, lake or river. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobblestones.

  12. maybe i dont understant the point. the beach party was organised for us young and old to have fun in peaceful, joyful and respectful manner. truth be said, there will always be people who want to jump the bridge of norms and resepct. i will list two or three things:

    1)you bashing on the beach party that was meant for respectful fun.

    2)you blaming the government for not providing facilities. you right, but what are we doing as the nation? as individuals? if we see that our beloved government is not doing anything why dont we as a nation work together to build such facilities? some things do not require money. but we choose to blame it on the government. we are giving brains to put them to use, you choose to idle or dwell or take action.

    3) its not about what is dished on our plates if you get my point. its about our Behaviour, we die like flies because we dont care. we dont want to use the wonderful brains that God gave us. we want to be on the recieving end. what about being on the doing/giving end?

    well, maybe my last point.

    look other nations, the keep growing higher and higher because they work together.they hold people they elect to rule to task if they dont deliver, the government works for the people and the people work for the government. i admire asians, let me give you a typicall example, you go into a chinese store to buy milk and the milk is finished. the asian man will run to the next asian shop to buy milk at the same cost price and sell it to you. when they refurbish their stock, they put their monies together to go purchase, when they do that they get a really good discount bcoz they bought in large quantities.tell me, rona BASOTHO re sebetsa joang? that is why our country will always be under-developed, that is why we will continiue to die like flies, that is why we will never be 2million, we will always be estimated to 2.2 million but the actual figure is 1.7million and reducing fast.

    people decide to organise something fun for Basotho and we disgrace it by spreading diseases, unwanted babies born with the Virus that kills us, disrespect people by bieng nude in public and respecting God’s temple. F*%$k!!!

  13. As a teen who attended the event. With permission granted my folks I was highly disgusted by my seniors behavior who drulled over me like I was a perfect 600g spur rib yes I might have proved perverted thoughts by wearing a bright colored bikini with shorts mxm. Now to jump to my defence I see nothing wrong with exploring the pssibilities of a beach hae daa yes the place was filled with sugar daddies ,bitter old and cellulite rocking females ,young boys who think they all that not to forget the 15year old girls who were looking for bo abuti maseru…understand we heavily influenced by music eg the wiz khalifa young,wild and free song,by the kak schools we go to that close whenever it damn well suites them.as for bo matsola ne re sare nude beach respect the temple of the lord hleng

  14. i so wish women in Maseru can have your IQ Kananelo. if we cant go to the beach, the beach shall come to KoL (maqalika). there is absolutely nothing wrong drooling when we see reflection of perfection. i am guy. i love seeing that but not nude. those women who went nude did the most disgusting thing to God’s temple. they should know this. we love seeing them in those bikinis and enjoy undressing them in the right place at the right moment not at the beach party. f&%$K!!!!!!. we were there to have the feel of the beach not bitch ,dance to the good music,catch up with friends, make new friends while eyeing potential wives or girlfriends. well thats me. i dont know about the opposite sex

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