Tough love will reduce road carnage

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IT seems that road accidents and deaths have now become the new face of the annual graduation season as shown by the story you carried last week.

It was reported that at least 35 road accidents happened during the graduation weekend two weeks ago.

Every year we read about cars involved in serious road accidents and the number of people who are injured in road accidents during graduation celebrations.

Others are arrested for traffic offences during the same period.

If this were just a drama it would be quite amusing. But we are talking here about loss of life. It is a national catastrophe with families losing their loved ones including future breadwinners.

In most of these accidents the chief cause is alcohol abuse. Irresponsible alcohol consumption is the chief cause of these accidents.

I would not want the authorities to resort to the more drastic measure of banning the selling of liquor during that weekend as it is not feasible.

A much more rational suggestion would require the authorities to impose stringent sanctions on all individuals who are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

I am certain that such a measure would go a long way in clamping disorderly conduct on our roads.

I am sure this is a much better way of dealing with the problem that merely ordering drivers to park on the roadside until they are sober as mentioned in the story by your reporter.

Katleho Nono


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