Thahane freezes posts

MASERU – The government will not hire personnel to fill new posts because of the scarcity of funds, according to Finance Minister Timothy Thahane.

Thahane revealed the new approach while presenting the 2011/12 fiscal year budget speech in parliament on Monday.

But despite the financial crunch the government says it will increase civil servants’ salaries by five percent.

Money for these increments, Thahane said, will come from savings that government will make from the frozen posts.

“Government has decided to make a start this year of keeping the growth of public service at zero by freezing all new positions. The funds so saved will
then be used to increase the salaries of the few who remain and who will be expected to do more,” Thahane said.

“In this context a five percent salary increase will be granted to all public servants without increasing the overall deficit of 15 percent,” he said.

But civil servants will not get the increment on a silver platter, Thahane added.

Thahane said civil servants will have to work harder with severe punishment, which includes dismissal, being meted out against those who are corrupt.

Those who abuse government property will also suffer the consequences. 

“Government has decided that immediate changes and harsh penalties and dismissals be instituted for those who misuse government vehicles, steal and sell government petrol.”

Thahane however expressed disappointment that previous government efforts to fight corruption had failed.

“With regard to procurement we have tried many initiatives at the suggestion of chief accounting officers. We decentralised procurement and increased the thresholds. We instituted training courses. But, nothing solved the problems of fraud and corruption.

“Instead things became worse. I have now decided to explore the route of an independent board and incentives. For successes we will even consider creation of the “Light Brigade” which will create a website in which to display cases of fraud and corruption that are before the courts.”

He urged public servants to improve the quality of services they offer to the people.

“The time has come when we must all learn to do more, with less for the sake of our country. Time has come for public servants to change their attitudes towards their work and the people they serve.

“It is these tax-payers who pay their salaries. Unless they deliver high quality services for which beneficiaries would be willing to pay, there will be less and less money to pay their salaries.”

However, civil servants unions have criticised the five percent increment. The salary increase is only slightly above Lesotho’s inflation rate which is hovering around 3.4 percent.

Paul Sematlane, the chief executive secretary of progressive Association of Lesotho Teachers said the increment is not enough.

“Five percent increment is unfortunate. It is going make people poorer,” Sematlane said.

Lesotho Teachers Trade Union secretary general Vuyani Tyhali said Thahane’s increment would not make a difference because some teachers have already gone for two years without salaries.

He said the government still had to pay teachers their arrears.

“We are not impressed by the increment. It means nothing to us until our teachers are paid what is theirs,” Tyhali said.

Last year civil service unions criticised a 3.5 percent increment that government had offered.

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39 thoughts on “Thahane freezes posts

  1. Regarding corruption that involves embezzelment of government coffers, it would appear the courts have no clue of how to proceed with litigations, if one takes into account the fact that there are 75 plus cases of theft which are still outstanding. Suing these delinquents would serve as a deterrent to prospective thieving scoundrels!!

  2. Getting Public Servants to do their work is government chief obligation, it is nothing to write about altogether! Detecting and acting on corruption in the civil service is similarly a primary obligation of government and deserves no noise! Freezing of public service positions is a disaster!

    It looks like the Minister has actually run out of ideas on how to minimise public spending and increase productivity. This is a sure sign that he should retire!

    Vowing to increase effeciency of public servants as a cost maximisation move is always what the government has to be doing. Thahane does not even need to raise public sentiment over it. Not unless he says to date they have been failing to do that!

    Eradication of corrupt practices is what this Nation has been crying about always, particularly where the corrupt minister vows to eradicate this evil! Or does he mean it is his time to go?

    This Country is already overburdened by an alarming unemployment rate. Putting more restrictions to the restricted recruitment will only compel the government to build more prisons-implying increase in size of both the Police Force and Correctional Service Personnel! This is just to name a few implications!

    If Thahane has run out of strategies on how to raise and sustain economic growth it is time for him to pack and go!! Especially because he has even made a lot for himself through looting of the public treasury!!!

  3. Dr. Thahane is really tired one thing left is go home and rest with his family what kind of courty that can not figth unmployment rate where that courty will be in future ka ‘nete re tsitsi rele basotho ba lesotho ke mathata feela. what Government is that? say nothing with job creation. No other plans than this Ntate o khathetse hle Mongaka pack and go

  4. i think ntate minister should take into consideration some important facts before he make decision on this matter. its true he want to elevate civil servant salaries thats very good. i think it is not good to freez new post it could work as a last resort. first thing to do is to eleminate MP’s money for lunch, second re felise taba ea li comand cars for heads of departments and lifridge tse tlalang li drinks li offising tsa bona. thats how i see it

  5. This is the only govenment, in the whole world, in whose budget they unashamedly boast not to create employment. Govenments, even when they know they are lying, often promise to create massive number of jobs. Take the case of Zuma promising 10 million jobs in a year or so. Only the LCD govenment can boast: we are no going to create any jobs because we are increasing salaries. Pathetic indeed. I never heard of such blasphemeous statent, not even in Israel. My God, this man wants us to beleive that there is an inverse relation ship between increasing salaries and creating jobs? Actually you can create jobs AND increase salaries.

  6. Puuuso! Empa tsamaiso, tsoelopele, nala e hlotse lcd ka linaleli! O hlolehileng ‘muso nalaneng ea naha. Linonyana kapa le manonyana, amohelang bolehe ba lona hleng.

  7. Shame! Wouldn’t it be fair for the old man to lay off his corrupt officials and engage new personnel other than increasing the salaries of the incompetent, failed employees at the expense of the victims of the corrupt system? And by the way, current appointees must be rich, otherwise where is the money?

  8. First of all Ntate Thahane is not poor therefore he does not understand how it is to go to bed without food.
    Secondly, Thahane has to leave because he has not been good for Lesotho, le pusong ea masole ao ba bang ba a ts’ehang ba ra ha ba ruteha, Basotho re ne re sa lape ha kana.
    Thirdly, where on earth does the government shut the doors for employment? There is no such a thing that by not employing new people it will sustain the increment of salaries. I am sorry to say that those who believe Thahane are unfortunate and cruel like him.
    What is the point of developing a website for cases that are still in the courts, that we all know it will take ten years to complete, and we all know that the website will be updated after every 20 years. Until now Thahane has not yet mentioned how IFmis has helped the gov to curb the corruption. PM watchout this man is not good, if you are still hoping hore Basotho ba khethe LCD next year you are joking. Education ea bana ba bo rona, healthcare and no job creation, what more do we need from you?
    Happy are those who are related to Thahane.

  9. LCD failed long before it could even start taking power. To take power was only to prove the point that it has already failed. How on Earth can a minister boldly say he is not going to provide jobs to the already destitute citizens feeling the pinch like this?

    One would expect a very serious revolt from the followers in 2012, but you will be suprised to see how they will turn up for lcd. These guys (ministers and MPs)are not a problem per se, we are a problem of our own as a nation, they are only taking the advantage of our weakness and complacence.

  10. Ke ka ka lebaka lena ke itseng bane ba ka lithabeng ba ntseng bare e fofe. Ke batla tlala ena e ba qete. Ke khale re bua le bona. Ka bokhutsoanyane Batho ntja’m’e ha nka pana ka uena nka thijoa hole. Re hloka batho ba nahanang ka tsela ena.

    The LCD government is failing Basotho and it has to be pushed out. Re llela bana ba rona ba holelang environment e tetebetsang pelo joalo ka ena ea puso ea LCD.

  11. I really thank the Egyptians for what they taught the rest of Africa. Its been a while since I read good and well thought out comments from Basotho. I think we are going somewhere, this is just the beginning.

    I’m truly impressed

  12. These LCD guys are a joke. Unfortunately we pay them to joke and clown. Of what help will that website be? How different will it be from a newspaper that reports that so and so in court. Atleast of Thahane was to put a website of decided cases not allegations. To all prospective graduates, Thahane has already told you that there will be no employment in government this year. I think this blasphemous announcement will negatively affect the performance of fourth students who long before the exams they are told there is no jobs for them after graduating. Why didn’t Thahane and his LCD cronies wait for after the exams to tell these prospective graduates that there are no jobs. These government has failed its primary job of employment creation.

  13. Nonyana (ha e fofe, lol!!!!)

    It’s not only in the mountains Nonyana where populace enjoys the existence of this demagogy. Many Basotho especially in towns benefit a lot from the status quo without a thought of the repercussions. That’s why I said we are a problem of our own and we are doomed if we keep on like this.

  14. Our leaders are safe within the confines of our passivity, they treat us with impunity and fill our opressed ears with mocking promises during elections. @Faljapi, most Arabs are murtyrs and we are not, as one said “the tree of liberty will always grow strong when it is watered by the blood of murtyrs”, we are left with no option but to utilize elections to get rid of the corrupt in order to make our country a better place.

    “This is just the beginning” I would expect more to come, but unfortunately some of us think the solution is an incorporation of Lesotho into South Africa and many Basotho are already in possession of RSA IDs. That by itself tells you that some of us have given up the fight if there was any.

  15. @batho le ba bang ehlile bothata ke rona re shebelletseng batho ba fokolang ka palo ho re lapisa. pholoho ea rona e matsohong a rona. ha re itokolleng kholehong ea batho ba khopo.

  16. Our leaders are safe within the confines of our passivity, they treat us with impunity and fill our opressed ears with mocking promises during elections. @Faljapi, most Arabs are martyrs and we are not, as one said “the tree of liberty will always grow strong when it is watered by the blood of martyrs”, we are left with no option but to utilize elections to get rid of the corrupt in order to make our country a better place.

    “This is just the beginning” I would expect more to come, but unfortunately some of us think the solution is an incorporation of Lesotho into South Africa and many Basotho are already in possession of RSA IDs. That by itself tells you that some of us have given up the fight if there was any.

  17. @Lefefoane, if they are a joke and they are the ones running the country, what would someone from outside Lesotho think of us as subordinates? the worst joke!!! Remember these guys are always travelling out to beg (for food and money) from other countries and when they get back home, they start becoming pompous.

  18. They are lucky that university graduates are a bit of grown ups. Imagine telling std 7 pupils that after their PSLE none of them is going to form A, the whole class would burst into tears. How can you tell students that none of them will get a job because you are increasing salaries of the employed by 5 cents on every one rand/loti? Does a mere increase of 5 cents on every loti justify not employing graduates? This one really left me puzzled.

  19. @Lefooane, GoL is not the only one, please check Botswana budget. Again you are missing a point totally, by new posts, he means creations of new positions, not replacing resigned officers. This is the best strategy to reduce the size of public sector, while promoting private sector thru SMME. I am proud that they have adopted New Public Management principles

  20. Finane there were good intentions when block-farming fund was established. But allegedly bo-Thahane stole from that fund. Mafisa, the former ombudmans went public about this.

    Really, it is counter-productive to continue to venture into the so called ‘citizen empowering projects’ when there is no accountability.

    Has the block-farming fund or project failed? What are the lessons from it? This is the information that Thahane should provide before a lokisetsa ho utsoa e’ngoe chelete thru SMMEs.

    Lastly, I acknowledge the fact that there is potential in a block-farming and SMMEs for promotion of self-reliance and alleviation of poverty. But in a country where is no rule of law as manifested in corrupt government officials cabinet members inclusive, there is no way these projects will succeed.

    Basotho its high time we emancipated our society from bofuma, tlala, tlhobolo, mafu, bobolu jj. by demonstrating that we are in a democracy and that the people shall dictate the direction to be taken. Northern african countries are doing that and with greatest levels of succcess. I repeat this is something that we ventured into in 1998 and indeed it worked. ‘Muso oa LCD o ne o oele 1998. Lets regroup and show them that re khathetse ke ts’otleho.

  21. @FINANE, se ka nkhorohela. Read carefully what I said about this corrupt government of yours. Do not compare these clowns with the Botswana government. I am sure Botswana govenment or any government in the world except this one of clowns can buy a 1 litre liqui fruit for R74.00.

    Hae chehe rea busoa busoa le rona:

    1. 4000 for a Mercedes Benz
    2. R74.00 for a liter of liqui fruit
    3. 900 for 9 kg gas

    no schoarships for high school graduates
    no jobs for university/collage graduates.

  22. ‘Hae chehe rea busoa busoa le rona:

    1. 4000 for a Mercedes Benz
    2. R74.00 for a liter of liqui fruit
    3. 900 for 9 kg gas

    no schoarships for high school graduates
    no jobs for university/collage graduates.’

    Lefefooane o beile taba tsena ka mokhoa o mokhuts’oanyane,o bobebe. Hao bana beso tlasa bopaki bo tjee ho na le batho ba ntseng ba lakatsa hore LCD e be ‘muso?

  23. Basotho baeso we do not need the opposition to realize our freedom. Please lets do something. Liparty li tla iketa ka morao.

    Motlotlehi o tla ts’oara puso ka lekhotla le ikemetseng la puso nako e sa feteng 18 months a lokisetsa likhetho. Ke phetho.

  24. I have read some comments here, nd this week kene ke itse ke tlo nka break sinc i said a lot last week ka nul. bt still ke ntse ke bona hore rena le mathata kahara naha ea rona. nd kea bona hore NUL having problems does nt mean rona ba kantle we don’t have problems.
    1) why is lesotho government nt having accounts on fb or twitter 4 people to give their views,
    2) why is it that in Lesotho we don’t have media which can cover a lot, lestimes s nt doing enough hoba public eye e bua ka ntho tsa mapolasing.
    3) i am in foreign country(nt in africa) why is it that we never hear the pm or any shit in that cabinet hvng dialogue with citizens.
    4) why is lesotho government nt investing in technology? kene ke ntse ke bala about one optic cable from france to capetown, mme ke bone hore countries like sierra leon(poorest in africa) they have a share there. rona bothata bo kae? hantle metsing monna o eletsoa ke mang moo?
    5) why is it that calling to lesotho or making international calls so expensive moo? nd even that small access to the internet so expensive?
    6) why is it that std bank being a major bank in lesotho is charging too much on bank charges? (hobaneng on atms ele english language feela)

    I have so many things, being small things of which i thnk they can help us. bt problem ea rona ke hore we never tell our government to do things that we need. Le tlabe le complain ka LCD bt opposition is doing nothng. Joale le tlo etsa examples here ka bo juice ntho tse senang thuso.

  25. Emotional Intelligence=Lack of management!
    they claim there is no jobs to be offered in the government,where do they expect this graduates to go?most of HR in the departments also lack management,it is so sad to see the downfall of the country because of old,reluctant drivers who do not care about other people’s future and emotions
    what about we elect new generations?maybe there will be an improvement here and there!*just my opinion*

  26. The only thing we need is a revolution. Then have a body that will implement political transformations. For instance, we cannot continue to allow LCD to exclusively own our state media and hope one day the opposition will win. We can not continue to allow LCD to exclusively use the start vehicles to mobilise their supporters and hope one day any party will win elections. We cannot continue to have LCD requesting that for you to get a job in your govenment you mustr first be a registered LCD member. We cannot continue to have tenders exclusively being given to Theese Phooko at the expense of all(LCD included) the citizens. Guys we need a revolution. Let’s mobilise the South Africans to support us and get rid of this cartel. We should not go to the elections without these political transformations, otherwise the whole exercise will be the usual masturbation.

  27. We can do it ppl, Gadafi neva thought a situation lyk the present one would face him. Enoa ea fuoeng kamela tsa hae o tla utloa ka qoqotho liqii tsa rona. This is how we can start; I’m going to create a Facebook page called Bokamoso Lesotho. Any followers?

  28. It took us almost a decade to adopt the thinking around “accountability” as perceived by Dr. Tim Thahane. Minister’s prowess fails to prevail in the event of descending economic activities more so after his recent “statement of financial affairs” which is depressing for proper financial management.

    In his deceptive budgetary lyrics and speeches, Lesotho is hardly going to win war against poverty, fraud and corruption. His empty words are not convincing the nation on how to revert status of being the “least developed country”; he is not showing new direction on economic freedom, recovery and sustainability. For years now, Minister of Finance has failed to “walk the talk” with his budget bleakness; he keeps echoing plenty of words that do not match with figures. As usual, he does establish links with the attainment of national priorities such as Vision 2020, MGDs and Poverty Reduction Strategies to any data source.

    His mounting cluelessness on how to fix Lesotho’s economic problems (economic diagnosis), our policymakers also contribute immensely by not grasping financial principles; control, coordination, communication, comparison and do not have the knowhow on budget interrogations. Furthermore, Thahane’s biggest budgetary flaws expose true depth of sluggish economic policies; he speaks so well about private sector empowerment to create sustainable job opportunities but dismally fails to “pick up arms” with the latter. Lack of transparency, comprehensiveness, realism, objectivity, reliability, continuity, timely and budget execution continue to rock his government.

    How come that Thahane’s focus is to allocate more money to ministries such as Defense, Local Government, Foreign Affairs, IEC, Justice, Natural Resources, Prime Minister’s Office, Communications, Law and Constitutional Affairs, National Assembly than Public Works, Tourism and Agriculture if at all the country is aiming to build new job opportunities?

    However, many of us believe that for any country to beat back poverty it should sustain plenty of projects through commercial agriculture, public works and local tourism and such country will survive many economic storms.

  29. @FINANE, hm! “You are proud” ah! I think there is more for you to be ashamed of this government than to be proud. You should start by considering all the outries from Basotho to which the government is ignorant! If we shall all be funded to establish our businesses then who’ll buy from who?

    Is this SMM the reason then why the ministry of education keeps awarding grants to graduates in economics, accounting, public administration/political science, computer science and humanities to teach subjects like commercial studies, accounting, Development Studies, maths and/or history when there are so many unemployed graduates in education? Is it because the government will empower these unemployed teachers to start their businesses?

    I am not impressed by any strategy mentioned by those people because Im certain that I (and many others) are not to benefit but the LCD card holders, lucky you FINANE, you sound certain that you are one of the people who’ll benefit from the SMM as and when you require.

  30. Go on Thollo, Im with you!

    We’ve had enough of LCD, look at Egypt, look at Mubarak, he was so much over himself and the same thing applies to this MCCD. We have to conscientise our elders mahaeng koana, 300 ea pension is nothing compared to what the man is collecting for his own family. They should know that these people are lying as they claim the state has gone bankrupt, what they mean is “the state has no money for other people but us”.

    Each of us is related in one way or another to one of the rurals, let’s sensitise our people and shame MCCD, the man is just so confident.

  31. The government can recover the money if Labour Department returns to their building instead of paying M400.000.00 rent at LNDC.If they freeze so many Directors posts at the ministry of the public service, where other “directors” share offices with cleaners and security officers. what these directors do is just ho nyeka benghali so to stay in their positions. Ntate Thahane please help with all the problems faced by the nation

  32. 2012 ke enea he,kgethang Mahaletere hape le tla ikutlwa.Le tlohele ho re hlodiya ka puso eo le e khethileng!

  33. Mosisili o itse otla re busa ho fihlela re tloaela,oka bona le oena hore ehlile onasa soasoe,mmuso ona oa LCD keoa satane,haba ithetsa bare baa leqetsa
    Jahang nnyoa mmeng ting letla nyokholoha halese le nyonyobetse

  34. Ache! hona hona ke papali ka’nete basotho ba heso.Ma-LCD ana ha abone hore a bakela baha ena ea Motlotlehi mathata.Swelemong sena fela NUL e tlo graduata 2000 students,NTTC 965,fokothi 842.Le nahana hore ho tlo etsahala joang naheng ee ha batho ba ba sa fumane pereko? re tlo promota house breaking,drug and alcohol abuse,and theft.fela ke thabile hobane ke hlokometse hore le hona NUL mona e ea ratoa laheile.ha ba cho he bare;Ha efofe! E chong banna;ha efofe! Le sa tla be leo alosa likhomo tsa banna ba merafo makoala ting le se nang chebelo pele.K’huoe!

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